Cameron Fleury Vlog 8 – Double Bass For Beginners

Cameron Fleury is an accomplished drummer with solid experience in the Canadian metal scene. Cameron has put his musical talent to work filling in as a drummer on international tours and professional studio recording sessions.

Double Bass Drumming for Beginners.

Not all drummers are at a high caliber of extreme metal drumming, and I wanted to do a series of videos that touch on the basics and fundamentals of double bass drum playing so that you can too achieve greater drumming speeds. It is without a doubt that even some of the more advanced players shall find these exercise beneficial to their drumming. These very basic exercises are a commendable way of making sure that you’re not missing anything while you practice achieving faster speeds. 

More often than not drummers will try to play the fastest, and they repeatedly wonder why they’re not able to play cleanly for longer periods of time. We almost always forget to go back to the basics to ensure that we have not forgotten how to play these fast passages at slower tempos.

If you can already play a rock beat, you shall be able to play these two simple double bass pedal exercises. If you’re unsure of where to place your feet on the pedals, that is also covered in this video.

8th Note Exercise: 1:27

Double Pedal Foot Position: 2:21

16th Note Exercise: 2:41

The exercises in this video are available for download here: Double-Kick-for-Beginners-8th-notes-and-16th-notes


Video Filming & Editing: Aaron Fleury

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