Alex Cohen Vlog 3 – Independence Patterns and Practice Routines + Drum Solos

This vlog from drummer Alex Cohen is a series of independence patterns taken from studying the methods of Thomas Lang, Marco Minnemann, and Virgil Donati. These can literally be taken as far as your imagination would like, but I’ll stick to a basic series of patterns. The goal is to play a paradiddle in two limbs with doubles in the other two and alternate the contrasting pattern through different limb sets. For this vlog, I’ll alternate between the hands, the feet, my left side, and my right side to show how the patterns can be switched to open up new phrases and ideas. For those who don’t know, a paradiddle is voiced as RLRR LRLL, and doubles are RRLLRRLL. The phrases should be played slowly with attention to accuracy, dynamics, and making sure your limbs are aligned. As the tempo becomes faster, these can also become excellent endurance exercises for your rudiments.  

In the solos following, I’ll demonstrate how this limb strengthening can combine to make some really interesting ideas and phrases.

Independence Patterns Part 1

Independence Patterns Part 2

Independence Patterns Part 3

Alex Cohen is perhaps one of NYC’s most prolific session drummers, having worked alongside artists ranging from Mac Miller to Malignancy. Alex holds a degree in Jazz Performance from NYU and runs Solitude Studios, a high-end recording facility located in Carversville, PA.

Alex Cohen was born and raised in New York City and had begun playing out at clubs such as CBGB’s by the time he was 14. Having amassed a long list of credentials over the past years, he has arguably become one of New York’s premier Metal and Rock live and recording drummers, having appeared on over 30 albums and played with bands including Pyrexia, Malignancy, Pyrrhon, Imperial Triumphant, Hung, Thoren, Involuntary Convulsion, Letallis, Alekhine’s Gun, The Hudson Horror, Hellcrown, Endtime Illusion, Belltower, Dyed In Grey, Vajra, amongst others. Alex also runs Solitude recording studios in PA.

You can see more vlogs from Alex here, and see more exclusive videos from Alex in the video section of our Sick Drummer Magazine Facebook Page.

Independence Solo Part 1

Independence Solo Part 2

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