Dan Klein – FIN – With Hammering Glance – Exclusive Studio Footage

My name is Dan Klein and I play drums for FIN. Growing up in Chicago, I was raised mostly on classic rock and classical music that my parents would listen to. I Started listening to heavier rock on the radio and some metal stuff by late middle school/early high school. My interest in drums and drumming appeared very early on as a child but I didn’t get to sit behind my first drum set until 6th or 7th grade, was a friend’s at the time. Got my first kit years later when I was 16. Started listening to more extreme death and black metal around that time and I guess you could say I found my desired niche with this type of music.

I played in various local acts that never went anywhere for a while. After high school, I actually quit playing drums for a few years due to an injury. A few years later I started playing again under session circumstances only and then kind of thrust myself into the live/touring thing once I was satisfied with my ability again post-injury. I have played live drums for Disfigurement, session drums on records for Cryptic Fog, Invasion, Throne of Sacrilege, Nocturne, Opacia, Boulderhead, Merkstave (wip), as well as touring and recording two albums with Relentless (U.S) and two albums with FIN (U.S).

I am an Engineer/Producer by trade so the drums in the video were recorded by me at my own studio Iron Hand Audio in Chicago, IL.

Mics used were as follows:

Kick in – Shure SM7b

Snare top – Shure SM57

Snare bottom- Shure SM57

Tom 1 – Sennheiser e604

Tom 2 – Sennheiser e604

Tom 3 – Sennheiser e604

Hat – Shure SM81

Ride – Shure SM81

OH L – Shure KSM32

OH R – Shure KSM 32

Room L – Cascade Fathead II

Room R – Cascade Fathead II

No triggers or samples were used in this recording.

Link to the studio page: https://www.facebook.com/ArcaneAudioChicago


Mapex 13” x 4” Steel Snare Drum

Yamaha Stage Custom:

12” Tom

13” Tom

16” Tom

22” x 17” Kick Drum


Sabian AAX 14” Bottom Hi-hat

Zildjian Mastersound 14” Top Hi-hat

Zilldjian ZHT 10” Micro Hats

Zildjian A 16” China High

Saluda 16” Earthworks Crash

Saluda 17” Mist X Crash

Sabian AA Metal 18” Crash

Zildjian Z Custom 20” Power Ride

Sabian AAX 10” Splash

Agazarian 12” China

Other Gear:

Tama P900 Iron Cobra Double Pedals

Pro-Mark 5B Shira Kashi Oak Wood Tip Sticks

Evans and Aquarian Drum Heads

Tour Dates with FIN:

6/15/18 – Portland, OR @ Twilight Cafe & Bar

6/23/18 – Rapid City, SD Stygian Rites Fest @ Hay Camp Brewing Co.

7/5/18 – Friesack, DE Under the Black Sun Fest @ Freilichtbühne

7/6/18 – Gdansk, PL @ Protokultura

7/7/18 – Warsaw, PL @ Hydrozagadka

7/8/18 – Chorzow PL @ Red & Black

7/11/18 – Helsinki, SF @ Lepakkomies

7/12/18 – Turku, SF @ TVO

7/13/18 – Fredericia, DK Metal Magic Fest Part XI @ Dronningepladsen

8/3/18 – Lodz, PL

8/4/18 – Berlin, DE

8/7/18 – Paris, FR

8/9/18 – Olten, CH

8/10/18 – Parma, IT

8/12/18 – Dublin, IE

8/14/18 – London, UK

8/16/18 – Barcelona, ES

8/18/18 – Alberta, CA Temple of Ascension Fest Vol. I

9/28/18 – Austin, TX Red River Family Fest

10/27/18 – Diest, BE @ Moonlight Music Hall

10/28/18 – Netherlands @ TBA

More Dates TBA

Link to the FIN page: https://www.facebook.com/FIN