Vladimir Fomenko – Lautreamont – Evil – Exclusive Drum Play-through

Vladimir “Wrath” Fomenko is a 23-year-old drummer from Novorossiysk, Russia, mainly playing in Lautreamont. Vladimir has 8 years of drumming experience and known mostly as an extreme metal drummer with his own developed unique blast beat technique. Vladimir has a diverse approach to many kinds of groove and is constantly developing his skills. He is currently endorsed by ED Cymbals, D.D.S. custom drums, and K&k drumsticks.

Lautreamont is an avant-garde extreme metal trio from Novorossiysk, Russia. Their debut album “Silence of the Deceased” was released on May 7, 2018. Lautreamont debuted in 2015 with the release of the Insomnia EP and spent coming years redefining their sound, what results in a whirlwind of low-end dissonance and crushing heaviness that is Silence of the Deceased.

Vladimir’s Gear:

Yamaha Gigmaker Drums: 20″, 14″, 12″, 10″ 

DDS Signature 14″ x 6″ Snare Drum 

ED Cymbals – Alliance Series 

15″ Hi-hat 

18″ Crash 

19″ China

20″ Crash 

22″ Ride 

DDS Duckster Double Pedal 

TrigMic LaserPick for Triggering 

K&K Percussion Signature Sticks MS2 Bullet 

Tama And Yamaha Hardware 

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