Giacomo Torti – Bloodtruth – Peste Noire – Drum Play-through + Tour Dates + Contest

About Giacomo:

I started to play drums in September 2003 when I was 10. I started attending a music school where I had the opportunity to create my first rock cover band. A few years later I joined several bands playing Rock and Heavy and Power Metal.

This song is Giacomo Torti playing ‘Peste Noire’ by Bloodtruth.

The first turning point of my career is dated July 2011. I had the opportunity to re-create the brutal death metal band Bloodtruth, improving my drumming style with fast double bass drumming, blasts, gravity and other fundamental techniques for the brutal death metal style. My musical growth has allowed me to offer myself as session live/studio drummer in several band, such as Five Hundred Murders, Gor Morgul, Ade, Scuorn, Arkana Code and Taur-Im-Duinath. Currently I’m still pushing my full-time band Bloodtruth and playing live shows with Scuorn. I’m also available for private teaching and studio sessions.

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About Bloodtruth:

Initially forged in 2009 as a side project of FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE members Francesco Paoli and Paolo Rossi together with Stefano Rossi Ciucci, Bloodtruth is now featuring a lineup with Luís Maggio, Stefano Rossi Ciucci, Stefano Clementini, Riccardo Rogari and Giacomo Torti. Bloodtruth heave forth a sonic fire ball of speed, brutality and unadulterated hate, fusing together the cryptic atmosphere of early ’90sdeath metal, evocative Gregorian chant as a representation of the band’s homeland and history, plus a methodicaltechnique. Bloodtruth are ceaseless in their ear-lacerating capabilities.

Unique Leader Records released “Obedience” on September 16th, 2014 (USA) and September 19th worldwide, while the band was touring Europe with Antropofagus and Devangelic. During September 2015 the band had the opportunity of touring Europe with the mighty Suffocation and Nile, for the “What Should Not Be Unheated” European tour.  In April 2017 Bloodtruth started the making of a new record called “Martyrium“, released via Unique Leader Records last  September 28th. Martyrium is a 10 tracks of pure death metal aggression, unrelenting musical intensity, and powerful, acidic, hateful vocals.  The main themes interlinking the wide range of subjects covered in “Martyrium” are human sacrifice, carnage and slaughter which the Christian Church carried out against all those found guilty of being“heretics”. In this album, historical and ethical relevance are both firmly bonded to the circumstances and facts mentioned in the lyrics. Bloodtruth decided to take into account some of the events narrated in the famous bestseller “The Name of the Rose” (Umberto Eco, 1980) and its vast number of historical and philosophical references, mostly focusing on the martyrdom topic too. The new artworkmasterpiece, done by the highly acclaimed peruvian artist Josè Gabriel Alegria Sabogal (Beheaded, Inferno), perfectly fits the album concept.

Giacomo’s Gear:

• Tama Starclassic b/b white silk tom 10×8 and 12×9, kicks 2 x 22×18, snare 14×5.5, floor 14×14 and 16×14

• Meinl cymbals classics extreme series

• Remo emperor heads for toms, Remo controlled sound clear for snare, Remo powersonic for kicks

• Wincent drumstics 5b and Mikkey Dee signature

• Axis Pedals Classic black and George Kollias signature, both with e-kits trigger system


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Tour dates – With Bloodtruth: 


Jan 10 – Annecy (FR) – Brasserie Pirate

Jan 11 – Fontaine l’Eveque (BE) – Mcp-Apache Music Evenements

Jan 12 – Geleen (NL) – Café de Meister

Jan 13 – Bristol (UK) – Exchange

Jan 14 – Glasgow (UK) – Ivory Blacks

Jan 15 – London (UK) – Nambucca

Jan 16 – Utrecht (NL) – dB’s

Jan 17 – Berlin (DE) – Blackland – Berlin Rock & Metal Bar

Jan 18 – Mladà Boleslav (CZ) – Farářova Sluj

Jan 19 – Wien (AT) – Weberknech

Feb 01 – Brutal Night in Venice – Novak (IT)

Feb 02 – Brutal Night in Florence – Cycle (IT)

Feb 03  – TBA (IT)

Tour dates – With Scuorn: 

26/01/19 – Dark Winter Meeting – Ħaż-Żebbuġ (MT)

19/02/19 – Rock N’ Eat – Lyon (FR)

20/02/19 – Château Rouge – Annemasse (FR)

21/02/19 – Officine Sonore – Vercelli (IT)

22/02/19 – Manoir Pub – Saint-Maurice (CH)

23/02/19 – Mpc-Apache – Fontaine-l’Évêque (BE) 

24/02/19 – Café De Meister – Geleen (NL)

In Sanguine Veritas EU Tour Contest!

Win a PESTE NOIRE TSHIRT + FREE ENTRY for one of the shows belonging to the Bloodtruth’s “In sanguine Veritas Tour.”

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We will pick randomly 3 winners the 6th of January. The official statement will be published on our facebook page, GOOD LUCK!!

The contest refers to the following shows:

Jan 10 – Annecy (FR) – Brasserie Pirate

Jan 11 – Fontaine l’Eveque (BE) – Mcp-Apache Music Evenements

Jan 12 – Geleen (NL) – Café de Meister

Jan 13 – Bristol (UK) – Exchange *

Jan 14 – Glasgow (UK) – Ivory Blacks *

Jan 15 – London (UK) – Nambucca *

Jan 16 – Utrecht (NL) – dB’s

Jan 17 – Berlin (DE) – Blackland – Berlin Rock & Metal Bar

Jan 18 – Mladà Boleslav (CZ) – Farářova Sluj

Jan 19 – Wien (AT) – Weberknech

* tickets available on: – Preorder purchase will receive £2,00 merch discount. Redeem it at the merch booth buying any of our items!