NAMM 2014 – BillDidIt Booth – Coady xChanger – Cymbal Topper – Compressor – Rotator – Kit Key – Cymbal Post

First of all, congrats to Joe Menchefski and the BillDidIt team for recently becoming an official part of the Sabian family! We have seen some very clever innovations from BillDidIt at the past couple NAMM shows and this year was no different. They were displaying three products, each one as cool as the next.

The first was the Coady Xchanger: An auxillary Hi-hat system (rocker switch) that allows drummers to adjust the amount of wash (tightness) of the hats during a performance. The continually variable range, which is about 1/8 of an inch, is simple to change as you play using the xChanger. Even when both feet are being utilized elsewhere, you can still make adjustments to the wash with some simple hits of the stick. This product is very, very durable and retails for $44.95.

The Coady Cymbal Topper: A simple, quick-release, effective alternative to the good old wing nut, or old-school cymbal mounting methods. Durable, affordable and brainless installation, this will be the last “wing nut” you’ll ever need and sells for $21.95.

The Coady Rotator: This allows the cymbal to move with less stress and in a more natural fashion on the cymbal stand. Comprised of a ball joint and pivot joint, the rotator makes it so the cymbal is no longer rubbing against the static cymbal stand post. This will allow the cymbal to ring out more of it’s natural tones, and at the same time, reduce the stress on the bell and increase the life of the cymbals you work so hard to purchase. The tension of the rotator is adjustable and the unit sells for $29.95.

The Coady Cymbal Post: An extension post you attach to the top of your cymbal stand which does away with the need for a wing-nut or topper of any kind. For drummers who want no restriction on the cymbal at all, and who want a faster tear down and the end of a gig, this product just might be right up your aley. The Coady Cymbal Post sells for $13.79 for one unit and a 3-pack is available for $35.19.

The Coady Kit Key: A drum key on one end that folds out of a “swiss army knife” looking tool. On the inside after the key flips out, there is a gap spaced for use on cymbal and hardware stand wing nuts. Instead of using your tired fingers (or two sticks together as a wrench – like we’ve all done) to loosen and tighten stand nuts or adjust tom positions, this sturdy tool fits over the nut and becomes almost like a wrench in your hand that makes the job that much faster and easier – and sells for right around $20.00.

The Coady Compressor: Conceived and developed in part by Flo Mounier of Cryptopsy, this is an accessory that gives drummers the ability to keep their Hi-hats in the same, semi-open position every time they remove their foot from the pedal. A different take on the normal clutch, with good points and some other points to consider. This was designed for heavy players, so if you like a bigger gap between the cymbals, this may not be for you. Also, using this accessory will put the force of two springs pulling your cymbals apart. One inside your stand and the other inside the clutch. If possible, you can release the tension of the spring within your stand, making it easier for the clutch to be pushed down. The spring length inside the clutch can be adjusted to fit pretty much any pair of Hi-hats and conform to their different shapes. A great product for those with a need for such functionality and it sells for only $29.95.

For more information on BillDidIt and their products, visit them here:

Winter NAMM 2014 took place in Anaheim, California, January 23rd – 26th and was one of the best shows we have experienced in recent years.