Mike Ranne Jr – Through The Eyes of the Dead – As Good As Dead / 2 Inches From a Main Artery – Exclusive Live Drum Footage

My name is Mike Ranne Jr. I am the drummer of Through The Eyes Of The Dead (previous releases with prosthetic records and e-one) and a session musician based out of Wurtsboro NY. My past projects include My Bitter End, We Are The Romans, Circuit Of Suns, etc.

This is a live video filmed by my good buddy Andrew Bastion from Ohio. All other editing was done by Brian Scott at Full Spectrum Studios. The show took place at Mr. Smalls in Pittsburgh PA at Brewtal Beerfest. This video is ‘As Good As Dead’ off the album “Malice” directly into ‘2 Inches From A Main Artery’ from the album “Bloodlust.” Hope you enjoy and thanks again to Ian and the SDM family. 

Mike’s Gear:

Pearl Export

10” rack tom

12” floor

14” floor

20” Reference kick drum

14” Spaun metal snare

Zildjian – Sabian & Turkish Cymbals

18” Zildjian Hybrid crash

18” Zildjian A custom crash

21” Zildjian Megabel ride

19” Sabian Paragon china

18” Sabian AAX china

13” Zildjian A custom hi-hats (right)

13” Zildjian Hybrid hi-hats (left)

14” Zildjian Oriental china

10” Turkish splash

06” Turkish bell

Pearl Demon Drive double pedals

Pearl hardware 

**I’m currently available for touring gigs. Please contact me via email if you are in need of a drummer and we can discuss. Thank you again. 

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Photo By Brandon Daza.