Robin Stone – Norse – Exclusive Live Drum Cams

“Since 1998, I’ve been obsessed with drums. Starting off playing to old Beatles cassettes in my caravan, right through to playing extreme tech metal Infront of thousands, I love playing it all. I’m never good enough, I’m always trying to push myself further and I believe that taste and groove can be added to any genre and style if you just allow it to!”

These two videos are Robin Stone playing ‘Disarmed, Toothless Weak’ and ‘Supreme Vertical Ascent’ with his band, Norse.

Current bands include:


Somnium Nox



Rise of Avernus

Past bands: 

The Amenta

Hobbs Angel of Death

God’s of Eden


Sonor Drums

Axis Pedals

Los Cabos Sticks

Rech Cymbals

Upcoming Show Dates:

Convulsing – September 2018

22nd Melbourne

28th Sydney

29th Brisbane

I started getting serious when I was about 16- 17 when I got my first double pedal. Practice sessions became longer and everything else took a back seat in my life. I worked on technique and played along to any CD’s I could keep up with (Devolved, early Hate Eternal, Fear Factory etc). In 2005 Norse was formed with the best members from previous bands I had been in. We recorded our first demo in 2006 and are still recording records.

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