Raul Pena – Center of Disease – Lustful Exhumations – Exclusive Drum Play-through

Raul Pena is the drummer of Center of Disease and has been playing for two and a half years. He was Originally the guitarist of the band Stygian Creek from Amarillo, TX, then moved to Oklahoma in 2015 and began hanging out at COD practices. One day Raul got behind the kit and began jamming with the band, and was offered the position. Little did he know he would be “thrown to the wolves” per se. His second show was co-headlining with Vital Remains, and his third show was Las Vegas Death Fest.

This video is Raul Pena playing Lustful Exhumations with Center of Disease, from their forthcoming release Recorded at Church of Bigfoot Studios in Tulsa, Ok on 8/4/2018.

Center of Disease began in 2012 and after numerous line up changes, they recorded a demo cd released in early 2016. In early 2017 they recorded and released their full-length “Morbidius Malformations” and did a 14 city U.S. tour with Abolishment of Flesh. In the spring of 2018 Sonic Temple Records released a European version of their full length and they did a 7 city mini tour. As of August of 2018, they are about to enter the studio for their next release

Raul’s Gear:

Drums – Tama Imperialstar

10, 12, and 16 inch Toms

(2) 22″ Kicks

Pearl Joey Jordison Signature Snare – 13″ x 5.5″

Cymbals – Various

17″ Sabian AA Holy China

17″ Sabian AAX dark crash

14″ Sabian AAX plosion hi-hats

10″ Sabian HHX evolution splash

12″ Sabian AAX mini China

19″ Sabian AAX plosion crash

19″ Sabian AAX treme China

13″ Sabian HHX excelerator hi-hats

21″ Zildjian mega bell ride

Electronics – Roland

Roland Rt-30k triggers x 2

Roland SPD-SX sampling pad

Roland TM -2 trigger module

Pedals – Axis

Axis Percussion George Kollias Signature Pedals

Pearl Rack System

Evans Heads

Vic-Firth Metal-N-Sticks

Behringer Mixer

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