Raphael Saini – Cripple Bastards – Malato Terminale – Drum Play-through

Italian metal drummer, Raphael Saini, has been playing drums since the age of 14 and has played with many different bands, as well as toured Europe several times with his project Chaoswave before starting his career as a session drummer. This is Raphael playing Malato Terminale from Cripple Bastards.

25 years after their conception Cripple Bastards still hold high the banner of Italy’s most hostile and aggressive Grind/Hardcore unit around. With one foot firmly in the past, and all the vicious savagery of manic fast 80’s Hardcore extremity, C.B. are charging forwards, with bloodshot eyes and rabid “get out and bite them” attitude, ready to introduce their brand new 2014 full length album on Relapse Records and consolidate their ongoing mission of bringing nihilistic, grinding hatred to every corner of an undeserving mankind.

Raphael has studied drums with many teachers including Dino Verdade, John Macaluso, George Kollias, Aquiles Priester (Hangar, ex Angra), Fernando Schaefer, Amilcar Cristofaro (Torture Squad), Ricardo Confessori (Angra), Jean Dolabella (ex-Sepultura), Dinho Goncalves, Nana Aragao, Giorgio Del Rio and Daniele Russo.

His Brazilian roots gave him the opportunity to study drums in schools like Souza Lima (nominated student of the month in December 2005), and also Bateras Beat, the biggest Brazilian drum school. This all led to Raphael writing for the biggest Italian drum magazine called Batteria e Percussioni (also known as Ritmi), interviewing many well-known metal drummers and dealing with modern metal drum subjects. Raphael has performed drum clinics/workshops all over Italy, having the chance to show his studies and his teaching approach.

Raphael has played and recorded with many bands including Master, Abomination, Arhythmia, Iced Earth, Vision of Atlantis, Paul Gilbert, One Machine, Chaoswave, We Are Building Ruins, Sanisickation, Mutilated Soul, Corpsefucking Art, Misbelieving and many more.

Raphael’s Gear Used:

Drumset: Tama Superstar Hyperdrive

10,” 12,” 16″ toms

Snare: Tama Slp – 14″ x 6.5″ black brass

Pedals: Iron Cobra

Meinl Cymbals:

14″ – M-Series Hats

18″ – Soundcaster fusion crash

20″ – Mb10 Crash

21″ – Mb10 heavy bell ride

18″ – Classics custom china

10″ – Mb10 splash

12″ – Generation x 10 /12 electro stack


Evans G12 on toms, G14 on floor (resonant glass as resonant on all toms)

Emad on the kick

Hd Dry on the snare

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