Daniel Koppy – Reaping Asmodeia – Hidebound – Exclusive Drum Play-through

Drummer Daniel Koppy and Reaping Asmodeia have posted a new drum playthrough video for their track “Hidebound” off their Prosthetic Records debut Impuritize.

Daniel Koppy states, “Hidebound was a really fun and challenging track to write and record, as well as it is to perform. It is not a super fast song, but certainly is a great warm up with the feet, yet very challenging at points on top. The syncopation of cymbal accents and snare hits throughout the song keeps things interesting from my perspective as a drummer and challenges the listener to stay on their toes themselves. This video was done in one continuous moving shot. Enjoy Reapers!”

The band just wrapped up a month on the road with Alterbeast and Inferi, and also played select dates on the most recent Rivers of Nihil headlining tour.  Reaping Asmodeia have a handful of upcoming shows left before digging into writing their next Prosthetic release.

Daniel proudly endorses Trick Pedals and Laser Trigger Systems, and Los Cabos Drumsticks.

Daniel’s Gear


Pearl ELX 8, 10, 12,16 inch toms

18-inch bass drum

Pork Pie Big Black snare drum 14×6.5


Sabian HHX Evolution 14″ and 13″ hi-hats

Sabian AAX 17″ dark crash

Sabian AAX 18″ dark crash

Sabian AAX 8″ splash

Sabian AA 10″ aero splash

Sabian B8 Pro 16″ ozone crash

Sabian AAX 10″ mini chinese

Sabian AA 12″ mini chinese

Sabian AA 17″ holy china

8″ medium bell

6″ bell

12″ signature mini ride

Trick Pro1-V signature Black Widow double pedal

Trick signature Black Widow hi-hat stand

Pearl Icon rack system

Evans drumheads

Los Cabos Drumsticks

Upcoming Reaping Asmodeia Show Dates:

09/15 Midwest Massacre, Madison, WI (w/ Obey The Brave, I Am)

10/20 Wooly’s, Des Moines, IA (with Green Death)

10/26 Lee’s Liquor Lounge, Minneapolis, MN


Photo by Evan Gillen