Anthony Barone – A Night In Texas – I, Godless

This video is Anthony Barone playing I, Godless with ‘A Night In Texas,’ at DeathFest Open Air 2018. Anthony Barone is a well-versed 24-year-old drummer from Long Island, NY with an extensive musical background. Throughout his emerging career, he has become familiar with various genres and styles including Rock, Funk, Hardcore, Pop Punk, Jazz, Drum ‘n Bass/Breakbeat, and Latin. In recent years, he has come to specialize in extreme styles of drumming; striving to achieve new levels of speed, precision, and endurance behind the kit. He joined the YouTube community when he was just fourteen and is now a verified YouTube Partner with over 3.5 million lifetime views and over 16,000 subscribers.

Anthony has spent the last few years playing with Australian Deathcore outfit A Night In Texas, traveling through Europe, UK, Southeast Asia, and Australia with the band. He continues to study at the renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts when he isn’t touring, finishing up a degree in Music Business. Barone has now performed almost 200 shows in 20 countries; spanning 4 continents across the globe with bands such as Aegaeon, The Faceless, Shadow of Intent, and Whitechapel.

Anthony Proudly Endorses:

Trick Drums USA
Evetts Custom Snare Drums

Anthony Proudly Uses:

DW Drums
Meinl Cymbals
Vater Fatback 3A drumsticks
Evans Drumheads

Anthony’s Gear In This Video:

Meinl 20” Classics Custom Extreme Metal Ride
Meinl 20” Soundcaster Fusion China
Meinl 18” MB20 Rock China
Meinl 18” Byzance Extra Dry Dual Crash/Ride
Meinl 14” Soundcaster Fusion Hi-Hats
Meinl 10” Classics Custom Splash

Trick Drums USA Pro-1V Bigfoot double pedal w/ SB-1 Laser Triggers
Evetts 13 x 8 Spotted Gum Custom Snare Drum

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Photo By Elliott Sauvage@s__auvage