Contrarian – Featuring George Kollias – Complete Second Full-length – To Perceive Is To Suffer

Contrarian, featuring George Kollias (Nile), complete Second full-length ‘To Perceive Is To Suffer.’ Spearheaded by guitar player and tech death mastermind Jim Tasikas, alongside George Kollias (Nile) simultaneously handling drum and vocal duties, Contrarian is not a super group, but a unit of like-minded musicians that coincidentally converged on a vision of what a metal band should sound like. With their latest output ‘To Perceive Is To Suffer,’ Contrarian have refined their forward-thinking approach, and have crafted a release that is organic sounding, yet aggressive and melodically complex. 

“The writing process and production of Contrarian’s “To Perceive Is to Suffer” was a complicated and detailed process, to say the least! With regards to compositions and arrangements, while being a bunch of Generation X metal heads, we wanted to ensure that the music reflected our natural linear memory of metal riffs over the past four decades! In other words, we wanted the riffs to be authentic and original! We even collaborated to ensure that the production would sound as organic as possible. This collaboration took place in four different studio locations and in two countries! We also felt that the production needed to be turned upside down on its head. We took a more rounded out, analog and vintage approach to the final mix. We hope that the end result will leave all metal listeners excited and enthusiastic!” comments guitar player Jim Tasikas. 

“To Perceive Is To Suffer” will be available on July 28, 2017 via Willowtip records.

Contrarian is:

Jim Tasikas – Guitars

Brian Mason – Lead Guitar

Ed Paulsen – Bass

George Kollias – Drums/vocals

contrarian-jim-brian-sdm-2017George’s Recording Gear:

Drums: Pearl Rererence Pure #103 Piano Black

22” x 18” Kick

22” x 18” Kick

08” x 07” Tom

10” x 08” Tom

12” x 09” Tom

13” x 10” Tom

14” x 12” Tom (left side)

14” x 14” Floor Tom

16” x 16” Floor Tom

14” x 6, 5” Snare

12” x 5” Snare

Cymbals: Sabian

HHX Power Hats 14”

HHX Fierce Hats 10”

HHX Evolution Splash 7”

AAX Metal Ride 20”

HHX Evolution Mini Chinese 14”

AAX X-treme Chinese 17”

AAX Dark Crash 17”

HH Max Stax 8”

HHX Evolution Splash 10”

AAX Studio Crash 17”

AA Mini Hats 10” (half open)

AA Mini Hats 12” (closed)

HHX X-Plosion Crash 18”

AAX Metal Ride 22”

HHX Chinese 18”

AAX X-treme Chinese 19”

HHX Power Hats 13”

HHX Evolution O-Zone Crash 18”

Drumsticks: Vic Firth

Vic Firth SGK – George Kollias Signature

Drumheads: Evans

EQ2 Clear on Kicks

HD Dry Coated on 14” Snare.

HD Dry Coated on 12” Snare

G2 Clear on 8”, 10”, 12” and 13” Toms

G2 Clear on 14” and 16” Floor Toms

Hydraulic Glass on 14” Left Tom

G1 Clear on all Toms/Floor Toms as bottom heads

Hazy 300 on both Snares as a bottom

Pedals: Axis Percussion

Axis George Kollias Signature (x2) on Kicks

Axis George Kollias Signature on Electronic Kick

Axis George Kollias Signature on Foot Snare

Axis George Kollias Signature on Ribbon Crasher

Hardware: Pearl

DR-503C, DR-501C and RJ-50 complete Rack System

H-2000 Eliminator Hi Hat Stand

RH-2000 Eliminator Remote Hi Hat Stand

CLH-1000 Hi Hat Arms

S-2000 Snare Stands

B-900 Boom Stands

CH-2000S Boom Arms

PCX-100 and PCX-200 Pipe Clamps

D-1000 Roadster Throne

TH-2000I and TH-2000S Tom Holders

OptiMount Suspension System for all toms

AX-20, AX-25 and AX-28 Adapters

UX-80 Universal Clamp


Extreme Isolation Headphones (model EX-29 and EX25)

Axis E-Kit Kick Triggers

Roland KD-7 Kick

Alesis DMpro Trigger Module