Cameron Fleury Vlog 1 – Triplet Bomb Blasting

Cameron Fleury is an accomplished drummer with solid experience in the Canadian metal scene. You may know him by his involvement with the London, Ontario-based band, Terrorhorse. Practicing drums for the past 15 years Cameron has studied jazz, funk, and world rhythms. He is best known for his hard-hitting and blast beats, a common theme in heavy metal. Cameron has put his musical talent to work filling in as a drummer on international tours and professional studio recording sessions. Currently, he is perfecting a unique sound with a variety of projects. Cameron is a dedicated drummer always willing to learn and successfully teach others tricks of the trade. Cameron also teaches drums at a local Long and McQuades music store.

In this first video, Cameron demonstrates how to play a triplet bomb blast. He breaks down the blast beat and explains what each limb is playing at varying tempos. The bomb blast is essentially a combination of blast beat and double bass drumming. When measured in 16th notes a bomb blast consists of 8th notes on the snare played above 16th notes on the kick drum. Most drummers play this beat by leading with the snare, while the traditional blast beat is usually led with the kick. The bomb blast became popular among 1990s death metal bands such as Cannibal Corpse, which is why the bomb blast is sometimes referred to as the “Cannibal” blast.

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