Joshua Ward – Rapheumets Well – Ghost Walkers Exodus Drum Play-through

This is drummer Joshua Ward of Rapheumets Well/Enthean performing a play-through of Rapheumets’ ‘Ghost Walkers Exodus.’ Joshua (1987) began playing shows at the age of thirteen and embarked on his first tour at the age of fourteen. He now continues his journey with Rapheumets Well as the co-writer and drummer as well as Enthean. Joshua hones many stylistic approaches being influenced by jazz, funk, and his years as drum marching captain while having a deep focus on extreme speed, which is essential to extreme metal.

For his work in teaching/marching he received the Semper Fidelis musical achievement award (bestowed by the U.S. Marine Corps) and in 2016 was featured in Sick Drummer’s “Brutal Beatings” compilation. Blending a sound that is a complex mix of classical orchestrations, cosmic synths, and extreme metal to portray the epics of parallel worlds, Hickory, N.C. based Rapheumets Well (Ra-few-mets) bring forth a voyage enriched with lore, fabricated from scratch to show the depth in which represents them as artists.

Rapheumets Well has produced two albums “Dimensions” and “The Exile'”  with the third album “Enders Door” releasing May 2017.  In 2016 Rapheumets Well Signed to the label Test Your Metal Records.

Joshua’s Gear:

Ddrum Maple Shells

10″, 12″, 14″ toms

13″ Snare

20″ bass drums x 2

Axis A21 Lazer Pedal X2

Saluda Cymbals:

14″ Symbolic Series Hi-hats

13″ Glory  decagon Hi-hats

14″ Symbolic Crash

16″ Symbolic Crash

08″ Earth Works Splash

10″ Earth Works Splash

16″ Symbolic Ride

20″ Symbolic Ride

16″ Symbolic China

18″ Symbolic China

08 ” Custom bell

Los Cabos 5A red hickory Intense Drum Sticks

Josh’s Links:
Purchase “Enders Door”