Poopie Sanchez


SickDrummer.com is going to see Poopie & Thumbscrew live in October at the Penny Arcade in Rochester,NY. We will have some more pictures, video clips and possibly another interview on the upcoming tour! You can view all the tour dates at the Thumbscrew MySpace page!!

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Poopie Sanchez


Poopie Sanchez started playing drums at age 16 or so during the summer time of 7th grade as a hobby and because drums were so interesting to him. During 9th or 10th grade thumbscrew was formed with Daniel Maldonado and Cousin Derek Gonzalez who are still in the band as of now. The band was just something fun at first and was just to keep us doing something positive but after a while we were destined to play big shows
and to pursue his and the bands music career and sothe goal was set.


As far as drummers go Chris Pennie of dillinger escape plan and Ben Koller from Converge or really just any kind of drummer who is jazz influenced or just really tech has really helped his style out alot and helped him shine out from the rest. Poopie has only played drums for thumbscrew full time but at once played drums for a metalcore band from tx called They Came Burning with former guitar player  Jason Hale who now plays guitar in Chiodos, and alot of success has came to him and the band. With years of drum experience and playing Poopie recently started a drum company making an amazing assortment of drums at an affordable price. www.myspace.com/xmilitiacustomsx

As said before Poopie is known for his intense drum technique and hard playing in Thumbscrew and is known for his weird fills and crazy stage show that people find really enjoyable and entertaining and what brings kids back for more. Thumbscrew was first signed to Counter Intellegence  which is now a pretty nice sized label and now signed to Imagine it which is where theband lies now.


Poopie’s style is best described as really jazzy and really intense and “pissed off” is what he likes to call it. The Beats are really simple they seem, but, they are used in really weird timings and situations in songs  which makes the music and the drums stand out more. Thumbscrew will continue to tour and Poopie shall continue to play until he possibly cant anymore


Poopie Sanchez



Poopie Sanchez Interview:


SD.com: How old were you when you started playing? 

PS: I started playing when I was like 15 or 16, I think, ha. 

SD.com: Did you play in a school band or any drum corps? 

PS: Thats crazy because I get that question alot. I never played drums in school I was actually in choir in school but I picked up drums due to a really boring summer. 

SD.com: Ever take any lessons? 

PS: Nope, I taught myself everything I know.


SD.com: Who are your top 5 influences? 

PS: Chris Pennie – Dillinger Escape Plan, JF Richard – Ion dissonance, Mike Ranne 

SD.com: Assuming that influences doesn’t mean favorites, who are your 

PS: Mike Ranne from My Bitter End is one of my favorite drummers and so is Chris Pennie, due to their originality. No Doubt! 

SD.com: Let us know 5 CD’s that are in your current rotation 

PS: Ion Dissonance – solace 
My Bitter End – the renovoation 
Facing New York – self titled  
The Dinner Attraction – self titled


SD.com: Can you remember a night you think was your best playing ever? If yes, when and where? 

PS: uhh yeah, it was the first time I played on one of the drums kits I made. For some reason, I played better and it was in a show in Houston, when we were on tour with Job for a Cowboy, Animosity and Six Feet Under. 

SD.com: Do you have a favorite brand of drums or cymbals? 

PS: Yes, I either use instabuls, which are cymbals mad in Turkey. Tthey are basically Zildjan cymbals but, thicker. They are amazing 

SD.com: Do you have any pre-show rituals? 

PS: Not really. Sometimes I stretch because when u play fast you get all cramped up and stuff… but yeah


Poopie Sanchez

SD.com: If you could give one piece of advice to young drummers, it would be… 

PS: Keep playingg and playing and playing. Whether you are really good band or in a band that writes good music, you will go a long way. “Period” 

SD.com: Who gave the best live performance you’ve ever seen? 

PS: There has been a bunch! I would have to say the first time I saw Dillinger Escape Plan. Shit was way to intense. 

SD.com: If you had to stop drumming, what would you want to do with your 

PS:i  I would continue to run my drum company and hopefully that will take me where I want to be, which is rich and old… haha


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