SD Exclusive – Dave Culross gets Vic Firth Signature Series

Rochester, NY has produced quite a few insane drummers and  I was fortunate enough to know, hang with and learn from a few of them. I remember Brann Dailor from High School, Tim Yeung coming to play shows at 14, being driven by his Father, Dave Witte ripping it up in Human Remains and learning Cynic riffs from Dave Culross at the old Verona Street jam hall.

Dave CulroosIt was a long time ago, in a building that sat where 1st base of the Frontier Field Stadium now sits. Dave was in a band called Disgorged, in the room next to mine. I was playing in a band called Blind Harvest and well, we were just too far ahead of our time (haha). The Cynic album had just come out and I was just blown away by it, as were most drummers at that time. I would walk next door to hang with Dave, who was always there practicing, before the rest of the band got there.  I would just sit there and watch him blast away all day if time permitted. Any question I had about Reinert or the beats on the "Focus" album, Dave would instantly play and then break them down for me.

Needless to say, Dave went on to enjoy a career that most drummers only dream of. He has done time with some of Death Metal's biggest names: Hate Plow, Suffocation, Incantation and Malevolent Creation, to name a few. Apparently all this sick drumming and dedication have caught the attention of thousands of drummers around the world and Vic Firth! Dave has been endorsed by Vic Firth for a while, Axis Percussion, GMS Drums and has been working with the Grip Peddler.  

Vic Firth has just informed Dave they will be introducing a "Dave Culross" Signature stick. They are sending a film crew to his home next week to film him playing with the first set of sticks. You will be able to see the videoo on the Vic Firth website next month! How do we know that this is an SD exclusive? Not only is Dave an amazing drummer, he's also an amazing individual who truly appreciates his Family and roots. Dave called us last night to let us know that could break the news!

Thank you Dave… You are a true friend to us and one hell of a Sick Drummer!