News from Prosthetic Records

Our friend Bob Deutsch over at Prosthetic Records, has been great with keeping us informed on the latest and greatest from the label. We will be going to mmet Gojira and Lamb of God in March and posting up some interviews/pics. We hope to be able to interview Chris Adler, as well as do our scheduled interview with Gojira's Mario Duplantier. Thanks Bob!

Prosthetic RecordsThere are quite a few sick new bands and drummers on this label that we would like to talk about. Kevin Boutot plays drums in The Acacia Strain and we will be posting his profile on the site very shortly, in the hardcore menu. The Acacia Strain is currently out on the road in the States with Job For A Cowboy, Psyopus, See You Next Tuesday and Daath through Feb. 18. The Dead Walk, produced by Adam Dutkiewicz (Killswitch Engage) features artwork from Paul Romano (Mastodon, The Red Chord) and was released on June 13, 2006. We dig this band and this album…

 We have listened to and loved, the new album from Year Of Desolation, which will see a Jan. 23 release. The drums on this album were recorded by Matt Behner, and yes, he's a sick drummer! This album will also featuring extensive artwork (available here) from renowned artist Paul Romano (Mastodon, The Red Chord), the record also boasts production from Jamie King (Through The Eyes of the Dead, Between The Buried And Me). Having already toured extensively throughout 2006 alongside Incantation, Burn In Silence and headlining shows across the country, Year Of Desolation will have more touring details shortly.

Canada's brutal, technical metal band Beneath The Massacre has unveiled a brand new track from the forthcoming full-length debut, 'Mechanics of Dysfuntion,' which is due out Feb. 20, 2007 through Prosthetic Records. The record's second track, "Society's Disposable Son," is now available on the Prosthetic Records MySpace page. I have had this CD in my car for about a week now and I just can't seem to take it out! This band and the drumming talents of Justin Rousselle are incredible! You need to hear it, period.

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