Sean Reinert Reviews Ultimate Ears UE-11s


Or a U.E.E. as I like to refer to it.  This is, in layman’s terms, the experience of going from $200 consumer level in-ear monitors to anything made by ULTIMATE EARS(UE).

Everything on these is custom. First, you select the particular model that best suits your monitoring needs. I chose the UE-11’s which have 4 armatures (2 that are dedicated just to the low frequencies for a tighter more accurate bass response). Second, comes getting measured for the custom and specific ONLY TO YOUR EARS molds. This is achieved by having each individual ear digitally scanned with their propriety 3-D ear scanning technology ensuring that your monitors fit perfectly in each ear. Painless and takes about 5 minutes per ear (hold steady now)! The final step is picking out the exterior style or artwork you want on the visible side of the UE’s and any accessories such as cases, cables or even the UE Sound Tap to accompany your custom UE’s.

It’s that simple.

I love them live and for recording, but especially love them as another set of speakers to listen back to mixes on. The cool thing about these is that they are essentially a “traveling control room” as I can take these anywhere. Once I have gotten used to them (which I have) I can gauge a mix, especially the low end, basically anywhere.

The Sound Tap is a great portable companion to my UE’s. It gives me my own wireless gain stage for my mix coming to my UE’s. Let me tell you, not having to worry about or deal with communicating my ongoing and ever-changing volume needs with a monitor person while performing is priceless. The Sound Tap solves that problem. It’s so light and small that you can put right next to you on a utility table, the floor or even on a music stand. WINNER!

Also, everyone at ULTIMATE EARS from the ear scanning technician I had at NAMM to my A&E rep (thank you again Jeannette Rothman) have been nothing but amazing.

If this were a high school paper this would be the part where I would state my conclusion right? Isn’t it obvious? Ok, I’ll give it to you anyway. In conclusion, if you are a professional musician or take your music seriously, what are you waiting for? In regards to in-ear monitors, anything less is “Standard Definition.” Don’t you think it’s time to go from SD to HD?

(drops the mic)

Sean Reinert Reviews Ultimate Ears