Trick Drums Full Factory Tour Video 2017

tom-trick drums -ludwig-drums2We sent Tomasz PilasiewiczMaciej Pieloch Photography, and Paulina Jaworek to capture the Trick Drums and Percussion Factory in Chicago, Illinois. The footage will be posted here soon and includes a full factory walk-through, and interview with the owner, Mike Dorfman. You’ll get a close-up look at the entire process of making the drums and hardware! The precision and the amount of detail involved were amazing, but most interesting is Mike telling us about the advantages of investing our money into aluminum shells over the traditional wooden shells, as well as all of their other products. We also caught Mr. William F. Ludwig III working in collaboration with Mike and Trick Drums on his new snare.

Tomasz was also able to take and try a few variations of Trick Drums pedals and will be writing a review to accompany the factory tour video.

Innovation, reinvention, quality and speed are only words to most. To Trick Drums, these are facts, no, these are their mantra. Having dreams have led them to achieve more than they could have ever imagined and they continue to set the bar higher and higher.

Mike Dorfman: “If you play drums or are planning to in the future, why sell yourself short? If we can achieve greatness so can you!”