Sick Drummer Magazine Presents: Ulcerate – First North American Tour Dates!

Ulcerate formed in 2000 and has previously released three full-length albums. The band's latest album, The Destroyers of All, was released early 2011 and received international critical acclaim for its blend of ambitious songwriting and unorthodox extremity. The drumming of Jamie Saint Merat is on another level all together, so if you have not heard this band, go now and remedy that! Ulcerate will enter the studio next fall to begin recording their Relapse debut.

Here is what Jamie used to track the album:
"PDP LXE shells – Maple with Kurillian Birch finish. 10", 12", 14", 16" rack toms, 2 x 22" Kicks and 14" snare.  Shallow depth on the toms, which is great. Cymbals – Sabian 12" HH hats, Sabian 13" HHX Groove hats, Sabian 20" HH Duo ride, Sabian 16" HH Thin Crash, Sabian 18" HH Dark Crash, Sabian 18" HH China, Sabian 10" HH Duo Splash, Sabian 10" HH China Kang, Zildjian 6" & 9.5" Zil-bels and an Istanbul Alchemy 21" Raw Ride. I also use the standard Axis AL-2 pedals, Axis E-kits and Alesis-DM5 module".
The album was recorded during July-September 2010 at MCA Studios, Auckland, New Zealand. It was engineered by Jamie Saint Merat & Michael Hoggard, then mixed/mastered by Jamie. The music was written by Jamie Saint Merat & Michael Hoggard, Lyrics by Paul Kelland.
Check out the video montage of drumming excerpts from the album tracking below: