2012 NAMM Show – Sabian Live – Virgil Donati with Allan Holdsworth

It was a highlight of the NAMM show this year getting to attend, and film, the Sabian Live Event at the Sheraton Park Hotel. The evening started out with Virgil Donati performing with Allan Holdsworth, Dennis Hamm and Jimmy Haslip. Watching Virgil play is an utter pleasure and we were very happy to have been invited to film this unique event. Watching these guys play off one another was not only a highlight of the NAMM Show, but a highlight of our experience at any musical event, NAMM or otherwise. 
Sabian always put on an amazing, and free show, and this year was no exception. It's one of the coolest events at the NAMM Show, it's always free and jam-packed with talent. Thanks again Sabian!
Sorry, but this video was removed due to copyright claims.