NAMM 2013 Coverage – Sabian Cymbal Vote Winners

Sabian has been running its Cymbal Vote campaign for a couple years now and announcing the winning models at the Winter NAMM show has become a favorite event amongst drummers and media outlets alike. They had over 214,000 votes this year and the winning models on display included a great variety of crashes, rides, splashes and even some hi-hats.
The Winners:
16" AAX X-plosion hi-hats: These cymbals were produced due to the demand for larger hats and the popularity of Sabian's best selling line of crash cymbals. These hats are pretty lite so they don't get sluggish when being opened and closed, and produce a very precise and full-bodied sound.
18" AAX Freq Crash: With a dual-lathing process that removes the dark tin-oxide but leaves the metal on the cymbal, unlike lathing which removes metal, these cymbals produce a higher frequency response on the initial attack and then a low frequency rings out as the decay.
8" and 10" Air Splash Cymbals:  Available in both the traditional and brilliant finish, there is a very bright attack, with a short decay and we absolutely loved how they sounded! With a series of holes placed in certain areas, un-like the Ozone series, they produce a classic "glassy/airy splash" sound. The holes in the 8" are 3/4" in diameter and 1" in the 10" model.
21" and 24" AA Bash Ride Cymbals: Available in both the traditional and brilliant finish, these ride cymbals are very thin and produce a great wash-ride type of sound but also have great response when played delicately as just a ride, or on the bell. 
You can learn more, see artist reviews and purchace these cymbals on the official Sabian Website.
Stay tuned for more exclusive Sick Drummer Magazine footage from the 2013 Winter NAMM show in the coming weeks!

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