Sam Applebaum – Veil of Maya – Overthrow – Exclusive Drum Play-through

My name is Sam Applebaum, I started playing drums at age 13 after seeing my cousin play. The loudness and power of the drums seemed awesome to me. I played in a couple different not-so-serious bands over the years as I progressed. I started taking drumming more seriously around 17/18. I spent many hours practicing and trying to emulate my favorite drummers at that time. Veil of Maya started back in 2004, and I have been the drummer for the band ever since. We have been fortunate enough to tour with some of my favorite bands, and travel the world to play music for our amazing fans. I proudly endorse in no particular order – Meinl cymbals, Tama drums, Vic-Firth drumsticks & Reflexx pads. If I could give any advice to any other drummers out there, it would be to do whatever makes you happy and spend a lot of time practicing if you want to get better. Improvement & change doesn’t happen overnight or by itself.

This video is Sam Applebaum doing a play-through of “Overthrow,” from Veil of Maya’s recent billboard-charting release, ‘False Idol.’

Sam’s Gear:  

The drum set I used in the video is a Tama Starclassic Birch Bubinga kit in the Molton brown burst finish:

  • 8×6.5rack tom
  • 10×6.5 rack tom
  • 12×7.5 rack tom
  • 16×16 floor tom
  • 2x 20×18 kick drums
  • 13×4 Starclassic snare
  • All Tama hardware, with 2 Tama speed cobra single pedals

Meinl Cymbals from right to left:

  • 14″ byzance medium hi-hats
  • 08″ byzance dark splash stacked on 8″ generation x filer china
  • 16″ pure alloy medium crash
  • 10″ MB10 splash
  • 16″ customs classics trash stack
  • 18″ byzance brilliant medium crash
  • 18″ customs classic dark china
  • 20″ customs classic extreme metal ride
  • 17″ generation x china crash

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