Travis Sullivan – Eye of Horus – A Tome Writ In Blood – Play-through

Travis Sullivan is a Canadian death metal drummer hailing from Edmonton Alberta. He began drumming in junior high, finding early influences in bands such as disturbed, Metallica etc. He and guitarist Diego Fernandez started playing music together and writing songs which lead to the formation of Eye of Horus. Now finding influences in bands like aborted, the black Dahlia murder, bloodbath, etc, Travis has pushed himself to develop speed, accuracy, and new chops to suit the new music.

Travis’ Gear:

Mapex Pro-M Maple series

22’’ x 16’’ Kick

10’’ x 8” Tom

12’’ x 9” Tom

14’’ x 11” Tom

16’’ x 13” Tom

eye-of-horus-sdm-201714’’ x 6” Tama Supraphonic brass snare

16’’ Paiste rude china

18’’ Sabian holy china

18’’ Zildjian k dark crash

20’’ Sabian x-plosion crash

11’’ AAX x-plosion splash

22’’ Meinl MB-10 ride

14’’ XS Sabian medium hats

14” AAX xcellerator hats

DW7000 double kick pedals

Los Cabos 5A stick

Evans Emad2

Remo Controlled Sound

Evans G2 Tom heads

Roland TM-2 Trigger Module

Roland RT-10k

Eye of Horus Are:

Growls: Kody Cecotka

Drums: Travis Sullivan

Bass: Andrew James

Guitar: Ted Williams

Guitar n’ Screams: Diego Fernandez

Eye of Horus possesses a global initiative, an industrious work ethic, and a love for their craft. Their live performance is tight, crushingly heavy, and vocally engaging. The band further draws the audience in with rich, visceral storytelling. Eye of Horus is actively seeking shows and tours to add to their repertoire of accomplished artists such as; Carnifex, The Zenith Passage, Rivers of Nihil, Exhumed, Goatwhore, Dying Fetus, Beyond Creation, among others. In 2015, their debut album “Infernal Calling” was featured on Liquid Metal and Terrorizer Magazine. They embarked on a successful two-week western Canadian tour in support of the album. In 2016, they released the EP “Obsidian” and are slated to perform across various cities and festivals throughout Canada.