Nate Gould – Lehavoth – Summer – Exclusive Drum Play-through

Some comments from Nate: Since The Rotted disbanded I joined reactivated Israeli OG’s Lehavoth. This band originated in 1995 as a pure black metal outfit and then turned to a more grind/death oriented sound with a good dose of industrial vibes around 2000. This is a very unique band, Israeli extreme metal at its best – an odd commodity. Recently I recorded 11 songs for the pre-production of the upcoming Lehavoth album, Xurban. Due to various constraints, it had to be done in one day. This was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done on the drums – set up, play, tear down in about 8 hours. A bit silly, but well worth it.

There is real value in an honest recording with no editing, to dissect where you are at. I recommend this practice to anyone considering recording, as all the bugs and demons are laid bare. I can see and hear the many faults in my playing that I now know how to address much more clearly before we actually hit the studio. Here is a play-through of one of the songs. Its a real burner for me, non stop 240 bpm blasting and double bass going on for about two and a half minutes. The song is called “Summer”. Check it out!

Recorded and engineered by Saar Tuvi at D Music studios, Tel Aviv.

Nate’s Gear:

DW collectors birch

Pearl free-floating brass 14″ x 6.5″ snare

All Remo heads

Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals

Trick Dominator pedals

OnTrigger pedal mounted triggers

Zildjian Laminated Birch Super 5a sticks

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Instagram: blastinate

YouTube: desertwindsflowing