Adam Jarvis – Pig Destroyer – Concrete Beast – Exclusive Drum Play-through

Adam Jarvis, the drummer of Pig Destroyer, also drums for Misery Index, Scour, Fulgora, Asthma Castle, and All Will Fall. We have been following and promoting Adam for just about 12 years now and by the looks of things, he’s nowhere near ready to slow down (pun intended). This video is a play-through of Pig Destroyer’s ‘Concrete Beast’ from their 6th studio record “Head Cage” released on September 7, 2018 via Relapse Records.

Engineering & Video Editing by Alex Rudinger

Mixed by: Aaron Smith 

Adam Proudly Endorses:



Sabian cymbals 

Czarcie Kopyto Pedals

Aquarian Drumheads 

DB Drum Shoes

Gear Used

Ddrum Paladin Walnut kit

(2) 18” x 22” kick drums 

7” x 8” tom

8” x 12” tom

14” x 16” floor tom

6.5” x 14” Modern Tone “The Hammer” Brass Snare 

Sabian Cymbals:

14” AA Rock Hats

13” AAX Fast Hats

09” AAX Max Splash 

16” HHX-plosion Crash

18” AAX-plosion Crash 

18” AAX China 

19” AA Metal Crash

21” AA Holy China 

22” HH Power Bell Ride 

Ddrum Hardware

Vic-Firth Rock Nylon tip 

Aquarian Reflector tom and snare heads 

Aquarian Super Kick II Kick heads

Upcoming Shows:

11/03/2018 – Masters of Grind – Sint-Niklaas, Belgium

11/29/2018 – Bossanova Ballroom – Portland, OR

11/30/2018 – UC Theater – Berkeley, CA

12/01/2018 – Decibel Metal and Beer Festival – The Wiltern in Los Angeles, CA

Pig Destroyer Links:

Photo by Mark Valentino

In 2012, Pig Destroyer partnered with new drummer Adam Jarvis (Misery Index) and released Book Burner, their ruthless follow-up to Phantom Limb in 2007. Book Burner showcased a return to a rawer, more primitive sound, and featured 19 songs of the band’s signature misanthropic grind. 2013 saw Pig Destroyer release an EP of previously unreleased content through Bandcamp titled Mass and Volume as part of a charity effort, and also saw Adam Jarvis’s cousin John Jarvis join Pig Destroyer as the band’s first bass player. The band has also made impressive inroads into more mainstream media – the one-off single “Octagonal Stairway” was included in Adult Swim’s Singles Series, and “The Diplomat” (off of Book Burner) featured prominently in the season three finale of Comedy Central’s acclaimed Workaholics. This September, the band are set to reissue a deluxe remixed and remastered 2CD version of their 2001 classic Prowler In The Yard on Relapse, which will include a bounty of previously unreleased music and media. Yet even accounting for the band’s more visible successes, what still stands out the most is their fundamental and immaculate musical essence. Pig Destroyer boil metal down to its muscle, sinew, and bone – razor-sharp guitar, percussive pummeling, throbbing bass, and a lone, stark howl. Though their music is incomparably dark, the future is quite bright for Pig Destroyer.