George Kollias – Contrarian – Memory Eternal – Drum Play-through

This video is George Kollias of Contrarian playing ‘Memory Eternal’ from Contrarian’s sophomore release, “To Perceive Is To Suffer.” George’s approach here showcases a liberation of sorts from the overdone blast beat of modern progressive and technical metal. Widely known for his leg-swiveling double bass technique, On To Perceive Is To Suffer, Kollias’s playing relies on feel rather than sheer velocity, and he even incorporates jazzy elements in the cymbal work. Linear phrasing and fancy fills are not to be missed either. George Kollias and Contrarian buck virtually all recent tech-death trends with the refreshingly organic tones on this full-length release. Living up to their moniker “The new school of old school metal.”

George’s Gear:

Drums: Pearl Reference Pure – #103 Piano Black:

-22” x 18” Kick
-22” x 18” Kick
-08” x 07” Tom
-10” x 08” Tom
-12” x 09” Tom
-13” x 10” Tom
-14” x 12” Tom (left side)
-14” x 14” Floor Tom
-16” x 16” Floor Tom
-14” x 6, 5” Snare
-12” x 5” Snare

Cymbals: Sabian:

-HHX Power Hats 14”
-HHX Fierce Hats 10”
-HHX Evolution Splash 7”
-AAX Metal Ride 20”
-HHX Evolution Mini Chinese 14”
-AAX X-treme Chinese 17”
-AAX Dark Crash 17”
-HH Max Stax 8”
-HHX Evolution Splash 10”
-AAX Studio Crash 17”
-AA Mini Hats 10” (half open)
-AA Mini Hats 12” (closed)
-HHX X-Plosion Crash 18”
-AAX Metal Ride 22”
-HHX Chinese 18”
-AAX X-treme Chinese 19”
-HHX Power Hats 13”
-HHX Evolution O-Zone Crash 18”

Drumsticks: Vic-Firth – SGK George Kollias Signature

Drumheads – Evans:

-EQ2 Clear on Kicks
-HD Dry Coated on 14” Snare.
-HD Dry Coated on 12” Snare
-G2 Clear on 8”, 10”, 12” and 13” Toms
-G2 Clear on 14” and 16” Floor Toms
-Hydraulic Glass on 14” Left Tom
-G1 Clear on all Toms/Floor Toms as bottom heads
-Hazy 300 on both Snares as a bottom

Pedals – Axis Percussion:

-Axis George Kollias Signature (x2) on Kicks
-Axis George Kollias Signature on Electronic Kick
-Axis George Kollias Signature on Foot Snare
-Axis George Kollias Signature on Ribbon Crasher

Hardware – Pearl:

-DR-503C, DR-501C and RJ-50 complete Rack System
-H-2000 Eliminator Hi Hat Stand
-RH-2000 Eliminator Remote Hi Hat Stand
-CLH-1000 Hi Hat Arms
-S-2000 Snare Stands
-B-900 Boom Stands
-CH-2000S Boom Arms
-PCX-100 and PCX-200 Pipe Clamps
-D-1000 Roadster Throne
-TH-2000I and TH-2000S Tom Holders
-OptiMount Suspension System for all toms
-AX-20, AX-25 and AX-28 Adapters
-UX-80 Universal Clamp


-Extreme Isolation Headphones (model EX-29 and EX25)
-Axis E-Kit Kick Triggers
-Roland KD-7 Kick
-Alesis DMpro Trigger Module


-Pearl Tambourine 8 (customized as a Foot Snare)
-Ribbon Crasher

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