Darren Cesca – Deeds of Flesh Studio Blog

Darren Cesca – Deeds of Flesh Studio Blog: This is the first installment of a look into the rehearsal and learning process for the new Deeds of Flesh record. I’m excited to be working with a band that has been part of the extreme music genre for a long time.

I want to show some of the approaches that I use when taking on an entirely new album. It can be exciting and sometimes overwhelming, to be honest. There is so much music to absorb in a short period of time. So follow me along the journey and keep up with the all my new updates.

In this second video I play through a few sections of the new songs. I’m still very early on in the learning process, but it’s coming along. I also break down some of the drum parts and combinations to give insight into what it takes to put these parts together.

In this third video, I wanted to show a bit more about the composition process used for the new Deeds of Flesh record. I write out my ideas and create them all on the computer prior to bringing them to the kit.

The second step is to print out the sheet music and bring it to the drum kit. I learn everything from the sheet music and make any modifications I want along the way as I’m sitting there. It’s a very technical and efficient way to learn this type of music.

In this 4th episode, I decided to break down some of my practice and warm up techniques that I’ve used to help build my drumming base that applies directly to this new record. They’re fairly simple approaches but a great way to warm up before tackling the new Deeds of Flesh material. You can see how these ideas have been implemented in the way I compose my drum parts. Also included are a couple different segments from new the Deeds tracks that I’m working on. Thanks for the support and more news soon!

Thanks to my sponsors for keeping me equipped and prepared to continue playing some great music.