Antoine Fadavi & Igor Falecki To Perform At Wikidrummers Festival 2 In Paris April 9th 2017

Antoine Fadavi

Appearing together for the first time in public, Antoine Fadavi and Igor Falecki – two outstanding, young, European drummers who are known around the world due to their presence on YouTube and social media – have been invited to perform a dual drum showcase at the Wikidrummers Festival 2 in Paris on Sunday, April 9, 2017. The F+F Show (for Fadavi and Falecki or Falecki and Fadavi, depending on which drummer is speaking) will include a double drums performance of “Guide Me” by Kaz Rodriguez, a live-looping demonstration and a play-along with excerpts from the soundtrack of the Batman v Superman movie.

In addition, the two drummers have announced that they will record the rehearsals and performance as well as interviews about the show in order to produce a series of videos that will be posted on and other online video platforms.

“We have become good friends over the past year and we are very excited not only to be able to perform together but also to be able to promote drumming and encourage other young boys and girls to become drummers,” explain Antoine and Igor. 

Igor Falecki (15) began drumming when he was 4. Acclaimed as a child prodigy, he has been featured at major international concerts, clinics, and conventions.

Antoine Fadavi (17) started playing drums when he was 12. He grew up playing primarily electronic drums and is an advocate for both electronic and acoustic drums and percussion.

Igor Falecki
Igor Falecki

The two drummers became aware of each other on YouTube, met at NAMM 2016 and quickly forged a personal and musical friendship. F+F are sponsored by DW, Gretsch, Roland, Sabian, TRX, Remo, Vic Firth, Gibraltar, Cympad and Drum Channel.

Other Wikidrummers Festival 2 artists include Nicolas Viccaro, Ash Soan, Brian Fraser Moore, Jason Sutter and more. For details and tickets visit and follow Wikidrummers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.