Daniel Koppy – Reaping Asmodeia – The Clemency Guise – Exclusive Drum Play-through + Tour Dates

This video is drummer Daniel Koppy playing Reaping Asmodeia’s “The Clemency Guise,” which is the opening track on the band’s Prosthetic Records debut Imputitize. The record was recorded with live drums and was released in early 2017. Since its release, the band has toured with the likes of Archspire and Inanimate Existence and will be on the road throughout the spring and summer of 2018. Drum playthroughs of the band’s own material as well as others’ have been a constant throughout Daniel’s career, crossing genres to expand on playing techniques. Daniel has also begun writing the band’s next full-length album.

Daniel proudly endorses Trick Drums USA bass drum pedals and laser trigger systems, and Los Cabos Drumsticks. 

Filmed by Brad Gunnarson for Statusfear Media.

Audio recorded and mixed by Roman Pinter.

Video edited by Arlo Myren for Endless Page Productions.

Daniel’s Gear

The audio in this video is live, unedited, and no sound replacement was used.  

Kick drum sound is a d6 mic blended with my main trigger sample I use live with Reaping Asmodeia.  The sample is built from a few Steven Slate sounds and are EQ’d.

Trigger lines run through a Roland SPDS-X.


Pearl ELX 8, 10, 12,16 inch toms

18-inch bass drum

Pork Pie Big Black snare drum 14×6.5


Sabian HHX Evolution 14″ and 13″ hi-hats

Sabian AAX 17″ dark crash

Sabian AAX 18″ dark crash

Sabian AAX 8″ splash

Sabian AA 10″ aero splash

Sabian B8 Pro 16″ ozone crash

Sabian AAX 10″ mini chinese

Sabian AA 12″ mini chinese

Sabian AA 17″ holy china

8″ medium bell

6″ bell

12″ signature mini ride

Trick Pro1-V signature Black Widow double pedal

Trick signature Black Widow hi-hat stand

Pearl Icon rack system

Evans drumheads

Los Cabos Drumsticks

Upcoming Reaping Asmodeia Tour Dates

4/7 Minneapolis, MN The Terminal Bar (w/ Slaughter to Prevail)

4/10 Milwaukee, WI The Miramar Theater (w/ Slaughter to Prevail)

4/17 Des Moines, IA Leftys (w/ Micawber)

4/18 Omaha, NE The Lookout Lounge (w/ Micawber)

4/20 South Lake Tahoe, NV Spring Meltdown Festival (w/ The Faceless)

4/21 Boise, ID @ The Shredder (w/ Dethrone the Sovereign)

4/22 Las Vegas, NV @ Dive Bar

4/23 Long Beach, CA @ Black Light District Lounge (w/ Crown Magnetar)

4/24 Chino, CA @ The Legacy Room (w/ Crown Magnetar)

4/25 Modesto, CA @ The Other Place (w/ Crown Magnetar)

4/26 Pacifia, CA @ Winters Tavern (w/ Crown Magnetar)

4/27 Portland, OR @ O’Malley’s Saloon & Grill (w/ Crown Magnetar)

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