Dan Presland – A Million Dead Birds Laughing – Martyrdom – Exclusive Drum Play-through

Dan Presland – A Million Dead Birds Laughing – Martyrdom – Exclusive Drum Play-through. Australian Progressive Grind act, A Million Dead Birds Laughing, have recently released their new record ‘To The Ether.’ Featuring Dan Presland on drums (Ne Obliviscaris, Vipassi), and Ben Boyle on guitar (Vipassi, Hadal Maw). The new record takes a space/grind/almost theatrical blend of music. ‘Martyrdom’ is the height of craziness and weird on the record.

The video is from the actual studio sessions from 2016. Tracked at Pony Music with Troy McCosker.

Dan’s gear:

Pearl Masterworks Custom Drums – All maple drums with reinforcement rings and thin shells.

10, 12″ rack toms

14, 16″ floor toms

20 x 20″ kick drums

14 x 6.5″ Reference brass snare

All Zildjian cymbals

16, 18″ A custom crashes

18″ K custom dark crash

6.5″ Zil Bel

9″ Oriental trash splash/8″ K custom splash stack

10″ S class china splash

8″ K custom dark splash

14″ Oriental china/10″ S class china splash stack

14″ A custom hi-hats

13″ K custom dark hi-hats

17″ K custom hybrid china

19″ K custom china

20″ K custom ride

21″ K custom hybrid ride

Vic Firth Rock sticks

Remo Emperor heads on tom batter side, Ambassador on the resonant side. Remo P77 used on the snare head with ambassador snare bottom.

Dan proudly endorses Pearl drums, Zildjian cymbals, Vic Firth sticks, and Remo drumheads.

Dan’s Links:

instagram: @dan__presland


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A Million Dead Birds Laughing represent a statement of serious intent to offer up something fresh and sinister to the musical ether.

“Strange is the world 

Why should men receive life in this world? 

Men’s lives are as meaningless as the lives of insects 

The terrible folly of such suffering 

A man lives but as briefly as a flower 

Destined all too soon to decay into the stink of flesh 

Humanity strives all its days to sear its own flesh 

In the flames of base desire 

Exposing itself to fate’s five calamities 

Heaping karma upon karma 

All that awaits man at the end of his travails 

Is the stench of rotting flesh 

That will yet blossom into flower 

It’s foul odor rendered into sweet perfume 

Oh, fascinating 

The life of man 

Oh, fascinating” 

Evil Spirit – Kumonosu-jo (Throne of Blood)

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