Baard Kolstad – Leprous – Interview November 2018

Baard Kolstad is a young drummer from Asker, Norway, who gained global notoriety playing on the streets of his hometown. Baard was a semi-finalist on “Norske Talenter,” the Norwegian version of America’s Got Talent, and won the 2012 Roland V-Drum World Championship in Los Angeles and has been featured on many news sites including CBS News, The Huffington Post, The Daily Dot and many more.

Baard then went on to join the band Borknagar, has been a member of Leprous since 2014 and has a very cool drummer and DJ project called Kickslip. Some of his influences include Nicko McBrain, Mike Portnoy, Gavin Harrison, Calvin Rodgers, Terry Bozzio, Thomas Lang, Steve Gadd, Dave Weckl, Vinnie Colaiuta, and Aaron Spears.

*Baard proudly endorses Pearl Drums, Sabian Cymbals, Remo Heads and Vic Firth Sticks.

Do yourself a favor and check out Baard’s drumming. His timing and creativity are unreal! One of the most enjoyable and influential progressive drummers we have seen in a very long time.

Audio Interview by Jeanne ‘Jet’ Thomas.

Baard’s Gear:

Drums With Leprous

Pearl Reference

22” kick

10”, 12”, 13” Rack Toms

16”, 18” Floor Toms

Snares: Pearl Sensitone 14” x 5.5”, Pearl Reference 20-ply 14” x 6.5”

I Also have a Pearl Masters Premium 14” x 6.5” and a Pearl Master Studio 14” x 5.5”

Drums With Kickslip

Pearl Crystal Beat Acrylic

22” kick

10”, 12” Rack Toms

14”, 16” Floor Toms

14” x 5.5” Crystal Beat Snare

10” x 6” Piccolo Snare

Pedals: Pearl Demon Drive double pedal with chain.

Sabian Cymbals – I vary my configurations a lot, but these are my main cymbals.

Hats: 14” HHX Legacy Hats and 16” HHX Groove Hats

Crashes: 17” and 18” Legacy, 19” Artisan, 18” HHX Evolution O-Zone and 19” HHX Extreme Crash

Rides: 22” Artisan light, 21” HHX and 20” HHX O-Zone

Stacks: 13” XSR Fast Stax on a 16” Fast Stax China, and 10” Aero Splash on a 10” Aero Holy China

Baard’s Links:

About Leprous:

Leprous is a progressive metal band from Notodden, Norway, formed in 2001. Their style is often classified as a progressive metal or progressive rock but encompasses a wide array of influences and sounds. Learn more about Leprous here.

Live Drum-Cam Streams:

Sick Drummer Magazine did some live drum-cam streaming with Baard on 12/1/2018. The video was cut into four parts due to network connectivity issues inside the venue, but what we were able to capture is definitely worth watching. They can be found in the “Live Venue Streams” playlist in our video section here.


Photo by Freimen Photography.