Jeramie Kling – The Absence – Oceans – Isolating The Throne

Tampa, Florida-based The Absence independently released the “Oceans” single back on June 4, 2013. The track was recorded with guitarist-turned-producer James Murphy (Testament, Death, Obituary).

This was not too long after the permanent addition of guitarist Per Nilsson (Scar Symmetry) to the group’s ranks.

Commented Per last year: “Six years ago, the guys asked me to do a guest solo for the ‘Riders’ album and we’ve been friends ever since. I’ve followed their career as a fan and when they reached out asking me to join the band, it was a no-brainer.

The Absence is:

Jamie Stewart: Vocals

Patrick Pintavalle: Guitar

Per Nilsson: Guitar

Jeramie Kling: Drums

Mike Leon: Bass

Some Questions For Jeramie:

SDM:  Do you remember the exact gear you were using during this tracking?

Jeramie: I was using my Crush Maple drum set. A 20″ x 20″ kick, 8″, 10″, 12″, and 16″ toms (the rack toms are shallower than standard toms) and a 13″ x 7″ hand-hammered, nickel over steel snare drum. Zildjian cymbals: 18″ and 20″ A Custom Crashes, 12″ special recording hats, 14″ Z Custom hats, a 12″ Oriental China, 8″ and 11″ A Custom Splashes, 19″ K Custom Hybrid China and a 22″ Big Bell Ride. Axis pedals and a tambourine attached to the post on my left hi-hat.

SDM:  How long did tracking take and how was it tracked? mics, triggers, both, to tape or all digital?

Jeramie: I tracked for 45 minutes total. I ran full mics all the way around. I triggered the kit for gating purposes. Everything was all digital into my protools rig.

jeramie_kling_absence_isolated_drum_trackSDM:  Has anything changed in your setup since this tracking?

Jeramie: same ole same ole 🙂

SDM: Your thoughts on sound replacement software? wish it never existed?

Jeramie: I think it’s great actually. It’s a sound that most of us have come to love.

SDM:  What’s your favorite old-school raw drum sound? Which band and album or albums?

Jeramie: Jeff Porcaro from Toto always had a killer tone. I’m also a huge primus fan! Tim Alexander had a great drum tone as well.

SDM:  One piece of advice to younger kids about to record an album?

Jeramie: Practice. Practice. Practice. If you feel prepared, practice more. You are never “practiced enough”.

Another thing… Have fun! This is YOUR moment.