Derek Roddy – Serpents Rise 2 – Faced With Strife – Isolating The Throne

This track, ‘Faced With Strife,’ was released May 19, 2012 and was Derek’s second independant release entitled “Serpents Rise 2.” The album has 15 tracks and a total running time of over 52 minutes. The album was engineered, recorded and mixed by Derek Roddy at Aspidities Room Recording Studio and was mastered by Jeremy Staska at Studio 13.

Serpents Rise Contributors:

Derek Roddy: Drums, Percussion, Guitars, Bass, Voices, Sounds

Chip Staples: Percussion, Voices

Evan Kline: Percussion

Gabe Amato: Bass Solo and Vibes on “Into The Further”

Mike Moreano: Guitar Solo on “Faced With Strife”

You can view the tracking set up on this video, as Derek taped while he recorded the tracks:

SDM:  Do you remember the exact gear you were using during this tracking?

Derek: Yes, this was my DW collectors kit: 20″ x 16″ kicks, 8″, 10″, 12″, 14″, and 16″ toms and my main snare a 6″ x 14″ Bronze. The aux snare is a collector series 5″ x 12″.

Cymbals are Meinl: 21″ Serpents Ride, 13″ and 14″ Serpents Hats, 17″, 18″, 19″ Byzance Medium Thin Crashes, 16″, 18″ Byzance China’s, 8″, 10″ Sound Caster Custom Splashes and a 10″ Sound Caster Custom Mini-China. Heads are Remo Ambassador X’s on everything but kicks, which were P3 Clear. Axis DR21 pedals. Shure SM98 on all toms and snares, KSM 32’s for stereo overheads and Beta 52’s in the kicks.

SDM:  How long did tracking take and how was it tracked? mics, triggers, both, to tape or all digital?

roddy_isolating_the_throne_lowresDerek: Each song took about 2 or 3 takes each, although this song I believe I did in 1 take. Everything is mic’d but, I recorded my own sample of my kick to the software via my Alesis DMPro. Saves me time in after production to just record the sound I want straight to the software, as opposed to re-sampling it later. I’m using ProTools but, I record as if I’m recording to tape. If I mess up, I start again… no punching in.

SDM:  Has anything changed in your setup since this tracking?

Derek: Yes and no, the basic set up is the same but, I’m playing my performance kit ATM, With a slightly different configuration.

SDM:  Your thoughts on sound replacement software? wish it never existed?

Derek: Again, yes and no. I love it because, if I’m recording a drummer that isn’t a consistent player I can make him consistent very easily. That’s a plus… the minus is if a drummer isn’t very consistent, I can make him consistent very easily! Haha.

SDM:  What’s your favorite old-school raw drum sound? Which band and album or albums?

Derek: Time Does Not Heal – Dark Angel

SDM:  One piece of advice to younger kids about to record an album?

Derek: Be you, regardless of your ability.