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Adam Jarvis ‘Conjuring The Cull’ Video Contest Winner Announced!
Thursday, 03 December 2015 22:28

In conjunction with Season of Mist Records, Sick Drummer Magazine is pleased to announce the winners of the drum play-through video contest, with drummer Adam Jarvis of Misery Index/Pig Destroyer. While all the entries were great to watch, and much appreciated, Adam picked Matthew Paulazzo’s entry as the winner. Matthew will be receiving a 16” Sabian AA Rock Crash, signed by the members of Misery Index and Pig Destroyer, as well as a copy of “The Killing Gods” CD from Misery Index. But that's not all... EVERYBODY WINS on this contest! Read below for details, and thank you Season of Mist.

A Little About Matthew Palazzo:

Hailing from Santa Fe, New Mexico, Matt has been playing drums for 8 years. He currently play drums in numerous local acts in the twin cities, such as: Upon His Flesh, Amiensus, and Aetheric and has also played for other acts like: By The Thousands, and In Search of Solace. Matthew loves drumming, particularly extreme metal drumming, and recently started a youtube channel where he intends to start having more covers up on a regular basis. Matt has been hugely inspired by drummers such as: George Kollias, Alex Rudinger, Chason Westmoreland, Hannes Grossman, Anthony Barone and of course Adam Jarvis, to name just a few. He works hard to continue improving, with the intent to be truly great one day. Matthew understands that this can only come through continued hard work and dedication. 

Matt’s Gear:

Gretsch Catalina Birch Kit:

Kick 22" x 20"

Tom 10" x 8"

Tom 12" x 10"

Floor Tom 14" x 16"

Tama S.L.P Snare - 14" x 6” with Evans Hybrid Head

Evans Heads

Paiste Dark Energy Signature Crashes 16" and 18"

Paiste Signature Hi-Hats 14"

Paiste RUDE China 18"

Paiste 2002 Cup Chime 6"

Paiste Alpha Splash

Sabian HH Raw Bell Dry Ride 20"

Trick Pro 1-V Bigfoot Double Pedal

Trick Sb-1 Laser Trigger System

Db Drum Shoes

EVERYBODY WINS! - As there were only a handful of people crazy enough to attempt covering Adam Jarvis, some being as young as 11 years old, Adam and Season of Mist Records have decided to give everyone who entered a prize. All other contestants will be receiving a Limited Misery Index ‘The Killing Gods’ Digibox, which includes: CD in jewel case with slipcase (alternate art on the cover - with bonus track), a metal pin, a printed patch and 3 vinyl stickers!

Here are the other contestants and their entry links:

Jesus Fernandez:

Ethan The Drummer:

Felipe Burgos:


Unbreakable Hatred:

Little Simon:

Congrats to all and thank you for taking the time to enter! Stay tuned for more great contests and prizes from Sick Drummer Magazine!

Sebastian Thompson - Baroness ‘Purple’ Behind The Scenes - SDM Exclusive
Friday, 30 October 2015 18:28

Baroness' triumphant new album contains some of the biggest, brightest and most glorious riffs and choruses the adventurous rock group has ever recorded. But its title, Purple, also reflects a dark moment in the group's recent history: the terrifying bus crash they survived while on tour in 2012. "The band suffered a gigantic bruise," singer-guitarist John Baizley says of the accident. "It was an injury that prevented us from operating in a normal way for quite some time. Hopefully, this record is the springboard that helps us get away from all that." 

The album, which is due out December 18 and which producer Dave Fridmann (the Flaming Lips, Sleater-Kinney) helmed, covers the gamut of emotions Baroness have experienced in recent years and serves as their victory cry. Purple finds a revamped lineup of the band – Baizley and Pete Adams (guitar, vocals) and new additions Nick Jost (bass, keyboards) and Sebastian Thomson (drums) – playing 10 intricately textured tunes and singing about the worry they felt immediately after the crash ("If I Have to Wake Up (Would You Stop the Rain)"), the struggle to recover as smoothly as possible ("Chlorine & Wine") and their ongoing quest for survival ("The Iron Bell"). From its bulldozing opener "Morningstar" to the avant-garde 17-second closer "Crossroads of Infinity," the record is at once both their most emotionally threadbare and musically complex offering to date, with passages that allude to their classic-rock roots as much as their crushing metal past.

"We didn't want to make a mellow, sad, dark thing," Adams says. "We needed to be up-tempo. We needed to be melodic, and it also needed to be aggressive. In all of that, I think we were able to get out everything we felt, all of the emotion involved, everything from being angry to wanting to continue to push forward."

From Sebastian:

“I used two kits, both Ludwig. One is a new Maple Classic with a 24" kick, 14" rack and 18" floor.

The other is a late 70s Ludwig that I bought used a long time ago, not sure the exact line. It's a 22" kick, 13" rack and 16" floor.

On "Desperation Burns" and "Kerosene" I used roto toms instead of toms. Four of them- 8", 10", 12" and 14".

On all the tracks I used a 6.5" by 14" Ludwig Super Sensitive, probably late 70’s too. 

On all the toms I used Evans EC2 clear heads, on the snare the Evans STD coated, and on the kicks I used Remo Powerstroke 3’s.

All the cymbals are Meinl- all Byzance Brilliant. 15" hats, 18" Medium Crashes and a 22" Medium Ride. 

On "Fugue" I used a cobbled together kit of all small sizes with t-shirts on everything and super old cymbals. All stuff that Dave Fridmann had in the studio.”



Baroness Tour Dates:

November 27  Columbus, OH  Ace of Cups

November 28  Chicago, IL  Beat Kitchen  SOLD OUT

November 29  Madison, WI  Frequency  SOLD OUT

December 1  St. Louis, MO  The Demo

December 2  Lawrence, KS  Jackpot Music Hall

December 4  Oklahoma City, OK  89th Street Collective

December 5  Dallas, TX  Double Wide  SOLD OUT

December 6  Austin, TX  Mohawk  SOLD OUT

December 8  Houston, TX  Rudyard’s  SOLD OUT

December 9  New Orleans, LA  Gasa Gasa

December 11  Gainesville, FL  8-BIT Bar  SOLD OUT

December 12  Savannah, GA  The Jinx  SOLD OUT

December 13   Atlanta, GA  The Earl

December 15  Chapel Hill, NC  Local 506  SOLD OUT

December 16  Richmond, VA  Strange Matter  SOLD OUT

December 18  Baltimore, MD  Metro Gallery  SOLD OUT

December 19  Philadelphia, PA  Johnny Brenda’s  SOLD OUT

December 20  Brooklyn, NY  Saint Vitus Bar  SOLD OUT

Pre-order packages for Purple, which feature an instant download of “Chlorine & Wine” as well as a limited edition colored vinyl version of the new album, two picture discs, t-shirts and other unique items are available now via this link: Digital pre-orders, which also include an instant download of “Chlorine & Wine,” are available via iTunes (, Amazon ( and Google Play (

JP Andrade - Windfaerer - Celestial Supremacy - Exclusive Drum Play-Through
Thursday, 13 August 2015 19:31

JP Andrade - Windfaerer - Celestial Supremacy - Exclusive Drum Play-Through:

Mixed and Mastered by Bobby Torres at Frightbox Studios.

New Jersey’s own Windfaerer forges a soundscape that entwines folkloric elegance with black metal ferocity. A portmanteau meaning, “one who travels with the wind,” like a vessel lost at sea, the name Windfaerer sets a melancholic atmosphere of longing for a return to a homeland, yet with hopeful eyes set toward the unknown.


JP's Gear:

Drumcraft Series 8 Birch Drum Kit
Gretsch 7" x 13" Mahogany Snare Drum
Evans Drumheads
Mapex Raptor Direct Drive Pedals
TRX Cymbals,
Dream Cymbals
Zildjian Cymbals

Upcoming Show Dates:

10/07/2015 - Saint Vitus Bar - Brooklyn, NY

Tenebrosum will be released independently on September 22nd, 2015. 

It can be pre-ordered here:


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