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Lux - A feature Story...
Sunday, 18 March 2007 17:48
LuxI was born on August 12, 1985 and started drumming when I was twelve to dance music in spanish, but after being exposed to hard rock bands like Van Halen, Cranberries, Megadeth, I completely turned over to Hard Rock and Metal. What really got me into metal was when I was a sophomore in high school, my brother came home with a Judas Priest album called Painkiller. Once he played it for me and I heard the first few seconds of the drum intro I was completely blown away and remember thinking to myself 'holy crap'. I didn't even know that kind of drumming was possible. After hearing Scott Travis shred on drums like that I was inspired to pursue metal drumming even further and went out and bought a second bass drum. Once I felt confident enough about my metal drumming I sought out to find other metal musicians to start a band with and that's when I found the current guitarist and singer for my metal band Sacred Storm, Kenny Krenzin. He is an incredible guitarist and could shred so hard even at a young age. We arranged online to do a jam and he had no idea I was a girl. When he arrived at my house, we set everything up in my garage and the first song we busted out was Painkiller. He tells me up to this day he was so impressed I was able to play it and pull it off! He knew then, I would definitely be the drummer. Click "Read More" for the rest of the story and links to check out Lux...

Gorgasm Signs With Shiven Records
Wednesday, 14 March 2007 10:21

gorgasmGORGASM has confirmed, and the signing is done ! GORGASM, Chicago's elite extreme metal band, has signed on with SHIVEN RECORDS for a multi-project deal that will include a concert DVD, Movie, RE-releases from GORGASM'S cellar and ALL NEW MERCH. New website is coming soon and not to mention A LONG awaited NEW RELEASE !!!!!

The DVD is going to have lots of X-tras including footage from the actual recording of the new album, as well as live footage European and US fests! The guys are also going to be working on a music video soon! New bass player /  vocalist will be announced soon..... Shiven Records"

GorgasmTomasz comments on the signing: "We are very excited about our recent signing with Shiven Records. There's definately going to be a lot of good things happening with Gorgasm in '07. We are planning to enter the studio in July and have the album out by the end of October. We'll be appearing at couple of major US and European fest and a full US/Canada/Mexico tour is being scheduled for the end of October - can't say with who at this moment, but it will be a kick ass tour! New album is almost fully written. Personally, I think it will be the most complex, yet most "catchy" Gorgasm release so far. We have performed couple of new songs at some of our shows and crowd just went nuts!!! So, we will see if people will dig the whole alblum. More info on Gorgasm and Tomasz will be posted soon on

An End To Flesh...
Thursday, 08 March 2007 01:31

Madison, Wisconsin... Young Death Metal band "An End To Flesh " have posted up 2 new unmastered mp3s. Just returning home from their 3 week winter tour, An End To Flesh plans on starting the recording of their upcoming untitled full length, for a soon to be announced label! Also, AETF is starting routing for a spring tour, with "Veil Of Maya " (Sam Applebaum - also featured here) in may this year. Click the "Read More" for tour information. This band is very young and very sick! Check out this kids drumming!


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