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Monday Metal Madness Hour
Monday, 04 June 2007 19:50

As most of you might have heard, we are starting our Monday Metal Madness Hour on 6/11/07 @ 8:00pm Eastern Standard Time, with Dave Culross of Malevolent Creation. This will be our first of many hour long, weekly live PodCast interviews with Sick Metal Drummers. You will be able to login, listen and ask questions to our weekly guests. We will be talking to Dave about his drums, MC tour plans, the Doomsday album and whatever else comes up. After the PodCast, you will also be able to download a free Mp3 version, from

There will be a test interview tomorrow night, Tuesday 6/5 at 8:00 EST. DrumPro Magazine will be interviewing me about, GrindStix and the outlook for the upcoming weekly interview schedule. Feel free to login to this firts interview and learn a little more about how came to be and where we are headed.

The next two scheduled PodCast Interviews are as follows:

  1. 6/18/07 - Tim Yeung
  2. 6/25/07 - Eric Park of Devourment, Hyperion & Rhome

 To take part in the PodCast, all you need to do is download a small *exe file that contains the PodCast software. You can download it here , click on the link in the top right section of our website or you can also get it from . Once you download and install the software, you will run the program and be prompted for a password. Enter "drumpro" and you are in on the PodCast. That's it, simple and free! Please join us each week for new guests and help us Spread The Word!! 

Его "Мини игры морской бой"конец может также стать концом для всего человечества.

Его "Скачать нер"сердце учащенно билось, готовое выпрыгнуть, он тяжело дышал.

Этот охотник хитер, как "Скачать накрутку голосов в контакте"койот, он наверняка пронюхивает, где наши засады, "Читать бизнес книги"знает насчет приманки "Шлицевой вал чертеж"и уж постарается не попасться нам на "Тень якудзы скачать книгу"глаза.

Мой друг, Маусглов, представил Поль.

Ну, тогда я не "Алина холодно холодно скачать"совсем понимаю, что должен буду "Книги по жилищному праву"делать, если соглашусь на вас работать.

На какое-то "Купить доктор веб антивирус"время Римо даже уверовал, что этим убийцей "Скачать tv программу на компьютер"является не кто иной, как его пропавший отец.

Tragedy... Always Too Close To Home
Sunday, 03 June 2007 20:40

This is Jeff Riddle, drummer/vocalist for Crucifer. I am asking for your help, compassion and help in this tragic time. My good friend of 32 years of age, Edgar Nazario lost his mother, sister, sister in law and two nieces yesterday June 2nd, in a car accident. I can not imagine anything more horrific. His Brother was following behind the accident and saw the whole thing happen. He lost his mother, sister, wife and child. The family was coming up from North Carolina to spend time with Edgar in Va.

I ask that you please pray for Edgar and his family. Please show him your love, kindness and support by going to and send him some words of support. Also, if you wish to help his Family financially, please contact me at " This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it " and I will help arrange it.

I thank you in advance for you help, prayers and support. Edgar is a great friend and could use your kindness, in this  time of need.

God Bless you.


Live PodCast Interviews w/ DrumPro Magazine
Friday, 01 June 2007 23:10

SickDrummer & DrumPro Magazine have teamed up to bring you something pretty sick! Next week, DrumPro will be interviewing me via a live PodCast. I know that might not seem like much, but wait, there's more... Not only will I be doing a live interview, we have decided to do a live PodCast every DrumPro MagazineMonday night, all summer long. The time slot or schedule is not yet written, but the first Live PodCast is scheduled for Monday, June 11th at 8:00pm EST with Dave Culross of Malevolent Creation. We will be talking about the recent Euro Tour, upcoming US Tour and the release of  "Doomsday-X". You will be able to log into the PodCast and interact with the interview. Questions can be submitted through the Cast software (free download) and filtered to Dave, during the session. This will be the first of many to follow, all Summer long....We plan on many one on one interviews with your favorite drummers and a few "Round Table" sessions, with multiple "sicko's" on the cast together. More information and the software download location to be posted soon, so spread the word and stay tuned for updates! 

Also, if you didn't notice, we have a new menu item in the top navigation bar, "DRUMPRO SEARCH". This is a new search engine database, designed by DP and google, with the exclusive intent of providing a "drummer" search engine. Check it out and use it! I have tried to trick it many times and I haven't gotten any results not related to drums! It's a great idea and we applaud George for coming up with it! Nice...

Вот и "статистика аукционов японии" все, что я мог "скачать игру анабиоз сон разума торрент" произнести.

Робладо разразился хриплым смехом, ему вторили комендант "игры кровавые гонки" и Гомес.

Но какой "лазаревым скачать" ужасный, отвратительный сон!

Лесные сойки,-вздохнул мой "бесплатно скачать песни русские современные" издатель, схватившись за голову.

Значит, смертность в "опера на андроид скачать" Городе выше рождаемости.

Как-то раз "скачать клуб микки мауса все серии" я за одну ночь побывал "не дели любовь скачать бесплатно" в двадцати восьми местах, но, к "анжелика начесова скачать музыку" чести моей будь сказано, нигде больше трех "скачать книги эротик" кружек пива не пил.


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