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Live PodCast Interviews w/ DrumPro Magazine
Friday, 01 June 2007 23:10

SickDrummer & DrumPro Magazine have teamed up to bring you something pretty sick! Next week, DrumPro will be interviewing me via a live PodCast. I know that might not seem like much, but wait, there's more... Not only will I be doing a live interview, we have decided to do a live PodCast every DrumPro MagazineMonday night, all summer long. The time slot or schedule is not yet written, but the first Live PodCast is scheduled for Monday, June 11th at 8:00pm EST with Dave Culross of Malevolent Creation. We will be talking about the recent Euro Tour, upcoming US Tour and the release of  "Doomsday-X". You will be able to log into the PodCast and interact with the interview. Questions can be submitted through the Cast software (free download) and filtered to Dave, during the session. This will be the first of many to follow, all Summer long....We plan on many one on one interviews with your favorite drummers and a few "Round Table" sessions, with multiple "sicko's" on the cast together. More information and the software download location to be posted soon, so spread the word and stay tuned for updates! 

Also, if you didn't notice, we have a new menu item in the top navigation bar, "DRUMPRO SEARCH". This is a new search engine database, designed by DP and google, with the exclusive intent of providing a "drummer" search engine. Check it out and use it! I have tried to trick it many times and I haven't gotten any results not related to drums! It's a great idea and we applaud George for coming up with it! Nice...

Вот и "статистика аукционов японии" все, что я мог "скачать игру анабиоз сон разума торрент" произнести.

Робладо разразился хриплым смехом, ему вторили комендант "игры кровавые гонки" и Гомес.

Но какой "лазаревым скачать" ужасный, отвратительный сон!

Лесные сойки,-вздохнул мой "бесплатно скачать песни русские современные" издатель, схватившись за голову.

Значит, смертность в "опера на андроид скачать" Городе выше рождаемости.

Как-то раз "скачать клуб микки мауса все серии" я за одну ночь побывал "не дели любовь скачать бесплатно" в двадцати восьми местах, но, к "анжелика начесова скачать музыку" чести моей будь сказано, нигде больше трех "скачать книги эротик" кружек пива не пил.

Thursday, 31 May 2007 13:19

Mike Flores of OriginMike Flores of Origin has taken on the task of helping out Gorgasm on their upcoming tour and DVD.  While this isn't entirely "drummer news", we thought it was interesting and worthy of credit. Tom & Gorgasm wanted to make sure that as many people were aware of this and how appreciative they are for Mike helping them keep their booked shows. You can catch Gorgasm with Mike Flores at the Open Air Death Fest June 9th in Hunxe, Germany with bands like these: Despondency, Wormed, Putrid Pile, Keitzer, Irate Architect, Happy Face, Foetopsy, Fecal Corpse, Aversion to Life, Resurrected, Guttural Secrete, Suppository, Jack Slater, Sinister, Aborted, Immolation, Mucopus and more...

Gorgasm will also be performing at The Mountains of Death 07' in Switzerland - August 18th

От этого же слишком несло вендеттой.

Во всяком случае, что сгодилось для Генриха VIII, должно было сгодиться и для КГБ.

Колхаун шпорит лошадь и самоуверенно скачет вперед.

А тем временем Валерия достигла того возраста, когда начинают дружить с мальчиками.

В оговоренной нами сумме должны учитываться и мои новые обязанности.

Он узнал, что до самого конца процесса продолжал утверждать, что он невиновен.

Мы все частицы единой сущности.

Представление Швейка о столице венгерского королевства, естественно, ограничивалось представлением об особом сорте копченостей.

Это оказалось гораздо труднее, чем я думал.

Ответ ему показался совсем слабым или грохот взрывов слегка оглушил его.

Сначала он был простым воином, "Италия. Кулинарный путеводитель" потом младшим вождем, почти не имея приверженцев, и вдруг, как бы по волшебству, приобрел доверие целого народа.

Но ее тень затерялась в толпе других.

Dying Fetus North American Tour 2007
Wednesday, 30 May 2007 17:26

Death metal juggernaut Dying Fetus will embark on the first North American run of their “War of Attrition Tour”. This portion will cover ground all across Canada and into the Northern U.S. Joining Dying Fetus on various dates of the tour are DAATH, PSYOPUS, COVENANCE, BLOODSHOTEYE and more. Dying Fetus has recently concluded a headlining European tour in support of their new album, War of Attrition. The band will later return to mainland Europe for a summer festival tour with Cephalic Carnage. A listing of tour dates can be found below with many more to be announced soon.

Additionally, Dying Fetus has posted the first video from War of Attrition, for “Homicidal Retribution”, at this location. A media player for War of Attrition featuring video track “Homicidal Retribution” as well as “Fate of the Condemned” can be viewed here.
Updated Dying Fetus news / tour information will be made available via the Relapse Records website:, the Dying Fetus website: Click "Read More" for Tour Dates...


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