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Product Reviews!
Saturday, 28 April 2007 22:12

John Paradiso has just completed our first Product Review! We are also doing album specific setup reviews, so if you would like your setup added, just send us an email and we'll get it going. If you would like a product reviewed, please contact us through our contact page and we will reply as soon as possible. Both review sections can be found by clicking "Reviews " in our information menu...

John has done a review on The Kelly Shu Kick Drum Microphone Mounting System! Be sure to check it out and if you are interested in trying out this product, they have offered any member of a discount on the purchase. Please let us know if you are interested and we can work out the discount details. Thank You!

Я не рассчитывал попасть на чайную церемонию, заявил Драм, ""занимая место напротив хозяина.

Мое место рядом с тобой, упрямо настаивал он, и ты не заставишь Рейфа отправить меня на " "берег.

Сперва тебе следует переодеться, рыбка моя, ""предостерегла ее Дейзи.

Из опрошенных только Сигрейв выбрал небольшую галерею мишеней из пяти киноактрис, игнорируя политиков, спортсменов и теледеятелей, перечисленных Воаном.

Пока господа совершали утренний туалет " "и завтракали на завтрак была подана овсянка и хлеб с маслом, слуги запрягали лошадей и мулов.

Этот упрямец не собирался отказываться от " "своих взглядов, далеко опередивших его век.

Даже хуже, если только может "Скачать виндовс зверь через торрент"быть хуже.

На одном из этажей я увидел " "монашку, драившую пол голыми руками.

Собаки, напоминал он " "себе, иногда заходят в " "комнаты, и женщины их гоняют.

Я думаю, что тоже самое " "может быть и у " "дельфинов, хотя с умственными способностями, которыми они " "обладают, я не нуждалась бы в периодичности.

Лорд " "Аффенхем погрузился в молчание.

Они обнаружат тело, а к тому времени вся заложенная "Звёздные войны клонов игра скачать"в компьютер " "информация о состоянии преступности в Америке растечется по разным спецподразделениям, и организация прекратит свое существование.

Win Some Signed Ken Schalk Gear!
Thursday, 26 April 2007 20:18

Ken Schalk Signed Gear Giveaway!We are honored and excited to be offering these signed pieces from Ken Schalk of Candiria. We have been fans of his and the band since their beginning in 1992-93. Ken is an inspiration to myself and many, many other drummers around the world. Candiria is still rippin' up tunes and Ken continues to do drum clinics. He was nice when I met him in 94' and he is still one of the guys you would be lucky to know. Thanks for the signed goods Ken and thanks for being a sick inspiration.

The winners have been chosen and emailed. Please stay tuned for many more giveaways icluding: more from Ken, Mario Duplantier of Gojira signed stick, Duane Timlin signed gear, more from Sean Reinert and others... Thanks for being a visitor and fan of Luck!

The Acacia Strain Tour Update
Tuesday, 24 April 2007 19:31

Massachusetts' THE ACACIA STRAIN is currently on tour in the United Kingdom as direct support to Hatebreed, to continue supporting the band's latest release, 'The Dead Walk.'  Frontman Vincent Bennett has issued an update from the road:
“I know it’s taken me forever, but here are some things from The Acacia Strain’s first trip to Europe. Everyone speaks English, but I can hardly understand anything anyone says. Between the heaviness of the accent, and the slang, it’s almost impossible. "Cheers, mate" is said to me about 600 times a day. Everyone here rolls their own cigarettes. My first day here I thought everyone was smoking weed, and one kid told me that he came to America and got "nabbed by the coppers" because they thought he was rolling a joint. Smoking age = 16. And yes, they do call cigarettes "fags" here...and no, it’s still not funny...


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