Steve Flynn


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Raised in Sarasota Florida, Steven Flynn has been a percussionist for 25 years.  He was inspired to play drums upon hearing, for the first time, Rush’s “La Villa Strangiato” from the “Hemispheres” album.  Steven would say that “it struck me like a thunderbolt.”  Once he heard that song, he said it was like “an inexplicable need to play that overwhelmed me.” 
Steven was a founding member of the now “legendary” progressive-metal band Atheist.  Formed circa 1984, Atheist’s music, most often noted for its extremely complex rhythm section consisting of Flynn and “phenom” bassists Roger Patterson and Tony Choy.
Following the death of Atheist’s bass player in 1991, Steven recorded with Atheist what has come to be recognized by most in the music industry as the “yardstick” by which all technical/progressive metal bands would be measured: “Unquestionable Presence.”  The material had been written prior to Patterson’s death and was recorded with then-Cynic bassist Tony Choy.  However, following subsequent national tours in support of Unquestionable Presence, Flynn decided, after a decade of playing layered with the tragedy of Patterson’s death, that it was time for a break.  Flynn went on to college to earn his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, graduating Summa Cum Laude.
Steven currently lives in the United States, in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA, with his wife of twelve years and two daughters.
Current Gear:
Drum Kit Mapex "Pro M" 
22” Bass Drum
8” 10” 12” 14” 16” Toms
14” X 5 1/2” Birch Snare
13” and 14” LP Stainless Steel Timbales
LP Wood block
LP Cowbel
Ride, hi-hat, 3 crash, splash, and China cymbals – ALL Sabian Brand
DW 9000 Double-Bass Pedal
Vater Hickory 5B wood-tip sticks
  • R.A.V.A.G.E. – “Rotting in Hell” – Demo 1986
  • R.A.V.A.G.E. – “On They Slay” – Demo 1987
  • R.A.V.A.G.E. – “Hell Hath No Mercy” – Demo 1987
  • R.A.V.A.G.E – “Raging Death Volume 1” – Compilation Album – Godly Records – Circa 1988
  • Atheist – “Beyond” – Demo 1988
  • Atheist – “Piece of Time” – Metal Blade Records (U.S) Music for Nations (Europe) Circa 1989/Relapse Records 2005
  • Atheist – “Unquestionable Presence” Metal Blade Records / Warner Brothers (U.S.) Music for Nations (Europe) Circa 1991/Relapse Records 2005
  • Gnostic – “Splinters of Change” – Starrfactory Records 2005
  • Gnostic – “Isolate Gravity” – Starrfactory Records 2006
  • Gnostic – “Engineering the Rule” – Season of Mist Records May 2009
  • Atheist – "Live" – Relapse Records June 2009
  • Gnostic – 2nd studio album – Season of Mist Records May of 2011
  • Atheist – “Jupiter” (4th studio album)  – Season of Mist Records November 2010
  • Atheist – Live DVD – Season of Mist Records Spring 2011
Steve Flynn Interview:
SDM: How old were you when you started playing? 
Steve:  I was 15.  It might sound odd for how it happened.  One night when I was 15 I happened to listen to “La Villa Strangiato” from the album “Hemispheres” by Rush on headphones.  When the song was over, I turned to my mother who was sitting next to me and said I have to play drums.  It was like I was struck with a thunderbolt.  It felt like a calling. 
SDM: Did you play in a school band or any drum corps?
Steve: I played very briefly in my college jazz band, but I was too busy with Atheist to give it any time.  Plus, the college band just wasn’t my thing.
SDM: Who are your top 5 metal influences?
Steve: Neil Peart, Gene Hoglan, Clive Burr, Dave Lombardo, Lars Ulrich
SDM: Who are some other of your favorites?
Steve: Steve Smith, Gadd, Dave Weckel, Danny Carey, anybody in The Mars Volta, Hannes Grossman, Richard Christy, Ventor, Charlie Benante, 
SDM: Let us know 5 CD's that are in your current rotation
Steve: Reign in Blood (Slayer), Master of Puppets (Metallica), Exit Stage Left (Rush), Energetic Disassembly (Watchtower), The Grand Illusion (Styx)
SDM: What do you do to warm up before a show?
Steve: I don’t have a regular routine – though I should!  I typically find myself sitting on a drum throne just doing single-stroke rolls on a pad (or my leg) and a steady stream of 16th notes on my feet.  I try to do this for at least 20 minutes prior to playing live.
SDM: Do you read music? Regardless of answering yes or no, please tell us how it might have effected your playing?
Steve: I do read, but it didn’t have any impact on my playing.  I have never written down anything I wrote on drums and I’ve never studied tabs to learn.  Everything I’ve learned or written has all been by ear.
SDM: Can you tell us about the gear you use?
Steve: I have a Mapex Birch kit.  It’s dark cherry.  I have 8” 10” 12” and 16” toms.  I have a single 22” kick with a DW 9000 double pedal (I still have yet to find a pedal to last for very long without the linkage wearing out!!!).  14” X 5 ¼ birch snare. LP brass 14” and 15” timbales and wood block.  I have all Sabian cymbals – a mix of series (AA, AAX, etc.).  I have 3 crash (18” 16” 20”), heavy rock ride (20”), 14” hi-hats, 10” splash, 18” china.  I also play Vater 5B wood tip hickory sicks.
SDM: If you could give one piece of advice to young drummers, it would be…
Steve: Creativity is key.  You will never be the fastest, the most coordinated, the most on time or any other “most.”  There is always, there always was, and will always be somebody better at certain mechanical skills.  However, what there are very few of are creative drummers.  Obviously, you must focus on the core skills that will allow you to realize your creative vision, but apply your craft in a way that few others do.  Then you will stand out!
SDM: Who gave the best live performance you've ever seen?
Steve: I’ve seen so many amazing performances, but I’d have to say it begins and ends with Neil Peart.  While I’m clearly biased, his combination of precision, execution, and creativity is hard to match.
SDM: Aside from drumming, what else do you like to do?
Steve: Cooking, SCUBA, exercise, read non-fiction, and video games.

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