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Buddy Tolley


I started off playing guitar, then later, bass. I had a kit in my band room but never really got serious with it. A couple of friends and I decided to get together and start jamming. My drummer could never stay on time and eventually I was showing him how to play his parts in songs we covered. later, I moved to Orlando and continued playing guitar. We recorded a demo, but when our drummer became un-reliable and wanted to go in a different direction in our music, we started looking for a new drummer. That didnt look so good, so I jumped on and started playing. We got a couple songs down and a couple different lineup changes.

I moved away and practiced every day for months! My friend had a cyber-gore band called “Spread The Disease” and needed new members, so my old guitarist and I recorded tracks and sent them over the internet. This became what we now are called, “Acrid Asphyxiation”. I moved back to Orlando, we jammed and really got serious. We added a couple members and dropped one and now we are playing shows and looking to record.

Buddy Tolley Interview:

SD.com: How old were you when you started playing?

Buddy: I played on and off but didnt start playing seriously untill i was 15.

SD.com: Did you play in a school band or any drum corps?

Buddy: I wish I had. =[

SD.com: Who are your top 5 influences?

Buddy: John Longstreth, Derek Roddy, Jojo mayer, Tony royster jr, and Marco Pitruzzella

SD.com: Assuming that influences doesn’t mean favorites, who are your favorites?

Buddy: All the above are my favorites also i really like Navene from animosity, and Elliot Sellers..



Buddy Tolley

SD.com: Let us know 5 CD’s that are in your current rotation


Origin – Informis, Infinitas, Inhumanitas.
Dying Fetus – War of Attrition
Whitechapel – the Somatic Defilement
Misericordiam – A thin line between man and machine
Animosity – Empires

SD.com: What do you do to warm up before a show?

Buddy: Stomp my feet, Wear a hoodie, and try to listen to some fast grind =]

SD.com: Can you remember a night you think was your best playing ever? If yes, when and where?

Buddy: The last show we played with with NAILSHITTER, Embryotic Devourment, and Dismal lapse it was amazing..



Buddy Tolley

SD.com: Do you have a favorite brand of drums or cymbals?

Buddy: Not yet officially lol, umm i like my Sonar and i prefer Sabian’s, promark sticks and evans heads

SD.com: If you could give one piece of advice to younger drummers, it would be…

Buddy: Practice! When you aren’t practicing, that means there is someone else out there that is. – Robbie Young and Join a band they’ll push you to get better

SD.com: Who gave the best live performance you’ve ever seen?

Buddy: Catalepsy and Whitechapel at island oasis in orlando, it was on a wednesday and they still killed.

SD.com: If you had to stop drumming, what would you want to do with your life?

Buddy: I hope I’d never have to quit but I’d probably go to school to become a recording engineer.



Buddy Tolley