Miroslav Frček

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The band Cutterred Flesh was found on November 2001 in Chodov by Karlsbad (Czech Republic) by bass player Roman and guitarist Vitalij. Since the beginning of band the boys have clearly specified music style and that is brutal death metal. In the autumn 2002 recorded Cutterred Flesh own first demo in their rehearsal room meanwhile still with the automatic drummer. This recording is called 1. DEMOlition and includes eight songs.
After recording this demo the band started to play the first concerts. In the spring 2003 comes into being three-songed promo, which is quite positive assumed by the public. On this recording is evident sound advance as well as the technical advance. In the end of summer of the same year started Cutterred Flesh set up the concert actions called Grim Party. In the November Míra and Standa left death/grind band Perversist and completed Cutterred Flesh. By this step, starts new era of the band. The coming of new members happen the break in existing production. From that moment the songs are more technical and more brutal.
After two years taking creation of new songs with the new members, Cutterred Flesh has visited Pragues´s studio Hostivař in October 2006. There were recorded 9 tracks plus intro and it all take about 29 minutes. In the same month (October 2006) is the three-songed promo distributed to the selected publishing and till one week the band got offer for debut cd from Grodhaisn Production, which is published in the July 2007.
At the autumn 2007 is band made to break own concert activity because of personal reasons of drummer Míra. Nevertheless the boys recorded in the October 2007 two new songs for split 7”EP whit allied SMASHED FACE, which is published by PIGEONSHIT AGENCY. In the period of concerts idleness the band was working on material for the second CD. New songs are aimed quite different way, but on the brutality and speed is nothing changed. In the summer 2008 Cutterred Flesh came back on the stages by festival ILL FEST in Želenice by Most. Autumn is already in the name of classical concert activity with allied bands.
In the end of year 2011 come new blood into Cutterred Flesh. David Krombholz, as a guitarist and Zdeněk Hnízdil, as bass guitarist. After this moment, band started to rehearse again and after two months is ready for playing gigs with new members. David and Zdeněk are very adaptable and even they join to compose new songs for next album. 
Actual album was recorded in September 2013 in Vyškov´s Davos Records. New material is more technical, more brutal and more sophisticated again and there is feel influence of new members. After finishing recording go to deal between Cutterred Flesh and well known label Bizarre Leprous Production, which published our third long-playing CD “Dying in Pieces”.
Miroslav Frcek Interview:
SDM:  How important are your kick pedals for your playing?
Our music is mainly built on bass drum. Of course I try reach for higher level of my skills and possibilities also. 
SDM:  How do you prepare yourself before a show and recording?
All rehearsals are in fact my preparation on performance. Retrying of material gives such a right safety. So, I can leave stress and stage fright behind my beck. Before recording we have more often and more intensive rehearses than during other days. Otherwise, I have to warm my legs, wrists and fingers about 15 – 20 minutes right before every concert. Usually I do that in back stage for avoiding motionlessness. 
SDM:  What kind of practice routines do you perform when you practice by yourself? Do you practice with metronome? 
I have to admit I don´t practice on whole drum kit as itself. I practice usually at home with same method as before show. For warming use method called “on dry”, when pretend playing on imaginary drums. Main practicing comes with our band when we meet together twice a week for 2 – 3 hours in rehearsal room. 
I try to play and practice with metronome too. I have it always in my headphones during gig or any playing. Nowadays, If I didn't play with metronome it maybe would miss me.
SDM:  Did you ever take drum lessons? Do you play any other instrument? Can you read music like drum notation or guitar tab? 
I have never come to any music lessons. I started with playing drums when I was 20 years old. In these times I had to go to work, so on music lessons wasn't time. I wanted play guitar, but drums are the only music instrument I can play and because of my missed music school skills, notation or guitar tab doesn't mean anything for me. 
SDM:  What kind of gear do you use?
Drums – Pearl Export Version
14" Snare
12" Tom
13" Tom
16" Floor tom
22" Bass drum
Cymbals – Paiste, Sabian, Zildian
14" Hi-hat
16" China
18" Crash
12" Splash
16" Crash
18" China
20" Ride
Trigger: Roland TD7
Pedals: DW 5000
SDM:  Do you have any touring planned for your latest release "Cutterred Flesh – Dying in Pieces" and if so with and where? 
Of course we try to arrange for tour on supporting our new album “Dying in Pieces”. Something is already prepares for autumn 2014, but after knowing more information we let everybody know! Actually we play single gigs and for summer wait for us some music festivals too. 
SDM:  Where did you record Dying in Pieces?
Dying in Pieces was recorded in the same studio as before last release 'Cause the Apocalypse.' It means in Davos Records in Vyškov in Czech Republic. This place is cool and with professional approach for any band of any music genre. Extreme genres are under direct by Jindřich “Otyn” Tománek who is drummer of death/grind band Pigsty also.
Otyn is professional and really master of sound. He worked maximum from us and our music and latest release get much higher than was our expecting. 
SDM:  Do you use triggers in the studio or live? What´s your opinion on triggers and drum modules?
In my opinion death metal shouldn't be death metal without heavy bass drum, so I use triggers during rehearses, and during performances. In studio bass drum sound was taken by microphone and triggers together.
My attitude on triggers is when it isn't in music much excessive it can really help you. When man´s factor and strength of kick isn't enough when you play so fast, triggers are necessary.
SDM:  What band or drummer may have influenced you on your latest recording?
Not only for our latest recording but for my whole drum era is one of my most favorite drummers Pete Sandoval (Morbid Angel, Terrorizer). He is absolutely drum god for me. 
SDM:  Who are some of your main drumming influences today and back when you first started? Do you listen to different styles of music outside of the metal realm?
Let´s take this step by step. When I started play drums all bands and all drummers seemed to me are great. I learned this technique here that technique there, but after some time I found out some early inspirations don´t satisfy me as before. Then I started take inspirations from really greatest drummers and this continue till today. 
Except metal music I like other music genres also, because there are different drum ideas and methods for learning.
SDM:  How long did it take to record the drums?
Drums for Dying in Pieces took about 10 hours of recording. Previous releases took about 6 hours, but that´s because DIP is longer. The album was recorded in the same studio as before last release Cause the Apocalypse.
SDM:  Did you record the drums to a click track in the studio? Do you find playing to a click track challenging?
Yes. I recorded with a click, but some parts are without it. I think click means strictness and today music ask correctness and mistakes wouldn't be forgiven. I´d say click helps to better playing results.
SDM:  How often does the band practice during the week? How often do you practice by yourself weekly?
Cutterred Flesh practices twice a week before recording or important gigs are rehearses more often. I personally practice just with band. At home I play just with sticks for keeping my wrists and fingers flexible.
SDM:   How were the drums recorded in the studio, with what kind of gear? How did you create the drum parts for the new album?
Drums were recorded by classical way with microphones and triggers were sampled lately on a studio PC. On album I used my drum set (question 5). Drum parts for “Dying in Pieces” I made during making a new stuff. I got guitar parts and then though about every kick and hit. Finish version of drum parts were made together in rehearsal room where we disguised about some details.
SDM:  What blast beat method(s) do you use?
I don´t know, if I could named it a methods, but I use 3 types of blast. 1. So called “Staplers”. When hands and legs play at the same time and hits on snare copy the bass drum. 2. I could name it as “Fast Two´s”. Hands hit among kicks. This kind of blast is very popular because it seems to sound twice faster. Sometimes I play much more faster kicks and then is sounds even faster. 3. This blast I call “Triplets”. This is triplets played in blast. 
SDM:  What are you kick pedals set at?
Springs in my pedals aren't loosen as well as tighten. Position of pedals is optioned quite high because of stronger power in foots of mine.
SDM:  Do you blast with one foot? If so, how did you learn this technique?
I just learn one foot blast, it´s quite harder than the doubles. For example, for triplets it seems to be more precious than double foot blast.
SDM:  What kind of double bass technique(s) do you use? Such as swivel etc.?
For playing my pedals I use classical type of play with toes. At present I try to learn toe-heel technique for reaching maximum speed and blast.
SDM:  How would you advise drummers build up there endurance and speed? What did you do personally to enhance both of these areas?
I could recommend to all drummers – beginners to don´t being upset with first fails. It´s important to keep practicing learned techniques and don´t be afraid with playing other harder and faster types which can look like unplayable. People have tendencies to play everything as fast as it could be, but here comes the time for imprecise.
I didn't do that differently. I played everything very, very fast, but without any correctness. Than one time, one of more experienced drummer advised me to start slowly and take the strength and sure gradually playing faster and faster.
SDM:  What sort of tension do you have on your snare? Do you use Moongel or anything else? What size is your snare?
My snare has sort of tension on maximum level in all ways. And what about damper I use it just in studio. I play sheet metal snare (14”) Yamaha.
SDM:  Do you think the size of your snare affects the velocity of your blast beats?
Size of snare and so tension of membranes have influence on speed of play. My friend Jaroslav Háž uses small size of snare and he can play fast like the devil.
SDM:  What sorts of gripping technique do you use?
I hold sticks about one quarter their length with thumb and forefinger. During blasts help me my other fingers with accent to don´t lose the tone of hit.
SDM:  What would you do if you couldn't play drums? Do you have any another profession besides being a musician?
If I weren't a musician, it´d be very depressed to me. Music is my biggest and the only hobby I have. Being in band is for me like sport for the others. Somebody go to fit centre I go to rehearsal room. After playing I am sweat like them after being in gym. I normally have civil job which takes me some time, but here is no other way how to maintain my family and pay for tools or outlays connected with band.
SDM:  What are some albums you are listening to now?
Now I am listen Suffocation – Pinnacle of Bedlam which is really great album with my favorite drummer Dave Culross. Next I am listen last release of Deeds of Flesh – Portals to Canaan and Immolation – Kingdom of Conspiracy. These three albums are for me on of the best in 2013.
SDM:  How supportive are your family concerning your drumming?
My family supports me marvelously. My wife Simone is big pillar for me. When I am on tours she cares for children and home. 
SDM:  What would you say to drummers out there that are just starting off and want to become professional?
This question is for me like done. I´d like to know how to become a professional too. So, I´d say it´s important to train harder and harder and be patient. 
SDM:  Any tips for drummers who live the tour life?
I have no much information about tour life. We usually play single gigs and tour is preparing on autumn. Thus these advices would be valuable rather for me.
SDM:  Why do you use the specific type of module and triggers you use now?  How did you find out which were the right kind for you?
The processor Roland TD-7 I use for many years. It recommended me friend of mine Tomáš Corn. On account of triggering just bass drum this simple kind of module is sufficient for me. What about triggers as itself I use Roland RT-10K. Before I tried other type of triggers (D-Drum), but it didn't understand with my processor. There were bad signal and so on. 
SDM:  Did you try different kinds, or just settle with what you could get?
I didn't try any other processor. Roland was good for me immediately. I found sound for me with this. 
SDM:  How important is it to your drumming to know the basic 40 drum rudiments?
These 40 drum rudiments are very interesting for me and I should say for other drummers too and basics are good for making tricks after its learning. 
SDM:  Do you use a metronome when you practice?
Due to my lack of training when I play absolutely alone I don´t use metronome.
SDM:  Do you have any problems or have issues with your less dominant hand when drumming?
I have fought with it in the past, but nowadays it´s much better. After the years of playing and practicing is my less dominant hand almost sure as the second hand. I hope that all playing differences among my hands will lose in the future. 
SDM:  Do you use a practice pad when practicing? What kind of practice set up do you have?
I am not use classic pad as itself for practicing. I have one home-made pad with stuffing which I use as well as for hands.
SDM:  Do you practice using traditional gripping at all?
Yes. I practice with traditional grip. Others grips don´t satisfy me.
SDM:  Do you go to drum clinics in your area? What sort of materials do you use for practice? Any certain book(s) or videos that you watch? Any certain Youtube sites?
I have never gone to any training courses or clinics. Only thing I have observed was a Flo Mounier´s school (Cryptopsy) and Derek Roddy´s school (ex-Hate Eternal). Videos form websites like Youtube I watch also. Do that just for interest and for learning by watching by various drummers around the world.
SDM:  What are some of the new techniques that you would like to get better at?
Here are so many techniques I would like to know better, but it´s for much longer writing. Every time I find something to learn and reach for “next level”. Man should be evolving in this.
SDM:  How do you get an endorsement?
This question isn't for me because I don´t have any sponsor. And nobody speak to me about this thing. Let´s see in the future if anything changes. 
SDM:  How do you count when you´re playing a piece of music with your band? How important is counting to your drumming?
The only I count during playing is just by some problem parts. Otherwise, I am not use counting so much at all.
SDM:  Do you do any cymbal chokes in your playing?
When I need to choke a cymbal I usually use my hand, as it´s common. It´s needed especially in stops or intermezzos when the song requires straight silence.
SDM:  Do you use ghost notes in your playing?
No. I am not practice this way. It seems to me to not being as brutal as we need.
SDM:  How do you usually come up with fills when writing an original song?
Ideas and inspirations mostly come on rehearses after hearing guitar´s riffs. Sometimes have some imagines about drum parts guitarists, but final version is under my direction. It´s often influenced by my feelings and mood also.
SDM:  Do you make use of paradiddles, polyrythms, various stroke rolls, etc.?
I am not playing these things, but I have to admit it sounds very interesting. In future I may learn this, I hope so.
SDM:  What do you wear on your feet when you play?
For double bass drumming I use common sport shoes. Sometimes I can´t believe in what can somebody play, for example – in army shoes. We can see it´s possible too, but not for me.
SDM:  How do you keep your drum patterns original and innovative?
When I think about some parts usually I try more than one rhythm, but mostly is the first idea the best. 
SDM:  How important is it for drummers out there to support their local scene of metal?
We are commonly friends and support to each other on our local scene. There are no hatred and concurrency between us. I personally visit gigs of other local bands or friends´ bands and when colleges from bigger distance arrive, we go to the pub and chat and drink a lot.
SDM:  What´s more important to you… having your drums sounding sick and fast or having character?
I like sound of my drums. I think it sound sick enough what´s perfect for our music genre.
SDM:  Tell us about your other band Perversist. Tell us about your album 2003 Machine Grind Surgery and 2001 Necrophillharmony album by Perversist. Tell us about these releases 1998 Flirting with Disastred (demo) and 1999 Prophercy/ Perversist (Split).
Ok. So take this step by step.
1. “Flirting with Disaster” 1998. It was our first release and simultaneously meeting with studio recording work. I should say, the result find out over our awaiting. Demo had quite big success and I like him till today. It is one of my tops in my album chart I have ever recorded. I dare say it was great act in these times.
2. Split “Prophercy/Perversist” 1999. Opportunity for split cd with US band was a big challenge. In my opinion this release didn't come as well as we wish. Material was recorded during one day and the sound isn't good. On the other hand split had success also and we had to make repress with other album cover color.
3. “Necrophillharmony” 2001. Our first big album I like too. That was a wonderful time, first tour with Skinless and Intervalle Bizzare. In the course of time I have to say it was the best times of Perversist. Material for this album was strong. We choose best tracks from Flirting with Disaster and added our new songs.
4. “Machine Grind Surgery” 2003. We manage recorded it but finishing works and releasing were after our break-up. During recording were relationships in band good, but lately started attitude difference about music of Perversist. This situation separated band on two camps. I and Stanislav Malý (bass guitarist and now singer in Cutterred Flesh) were fired and second half decided continue without us. Unfortunately, they couldn't get new members and after some time the history of Perversist started to be really history and we came play to Cutterred Flesh.
SDM:  Tell us about the following releases by Cutterred Flesh: Torture is Medicine 2007, Cutterred Flesh/Smashed Face (Split) 2009 and Cause the Apocalypse 2010.
Take this step by step again.
1. “Torture is Medicine” 2007. We were quite proud on this album in these times, but nowadays is material outdated for us. We don´t play it on concerts and generally is this different music we play today. We tried to squeeze so many ideas into one song, but finally it wasn't as good as it should be. Parts of songs were too short and people under stage seemed to understand nothing from our music.
2. Split “Cutterred Flesh/Smashed Face” 2009. I could say about this release it was same situation like split cd Perversist/Prophercy. Tracks were recorded too fast and moreover in bad studio. For me personally is this the worst release I have ever be involved in. Songs are good, but sound is horrible.
3. “Cause the Apocalypse” 2010. Maybe the hardest stuff we ever made with Cutterred Flesh. Album is very fast and non-compromise from start to end. We threw away technique playing a simply made material at full throttle. This is good album, but some things should be done better. But it could be said about all releases after taking some time.