Sick Drummer Magazine

Sick Drummer Magazine is Grind Percussion’s newest vehicle to expose this genre of drumming to a massive audience. Not only will Sick Drummer Magazine be original, informative & thorough, it will be a bridge to getting these drummers another step closer to the appreciation and recognition they deserve. We have teamed up with a few heavy hitting labels and are pleased to inform that the first issue is already set to be exposed to nearly 60,000 fans of metal, drumming and target industry consumers. The initial issues will be available for free, to any subscribed member of this site. It will be available in a downloadable *pdf or a tentative Flash based “flipping” browser book that can hold audio samples, video and link directly to our advertisers sites. The 60,000 does not include exposure to our over 7,000 selective MySpace contacts or the over 900 subscribers to our YouTube Channel.

Each issue of this Insane New Drum Magazine will hold a changing number of columns, covering things like: gear, experiences, tour stories, tips, tricks, video instruction, reviews, audio, notation and more… We will also be covering news from the scene, running contests, holding competitions and doing exclusive interviews with many other types of drummers.

The main focus is obviously underground extreme metal, but we will be featuring legends as well. Another of our goals is to try and cross promote the genres in a way that offers up and coming metal guys a look at the experiences and advice from drummers who have been successful in any genre.

We are both humbled and honored to announce that some of the regular contributing columnists to this publication are: Derek Roddy, Sean Reinert, Charlie Zeleny, Steve Asheim, George Kollias, Chris Pennie, Tom Ales, John Merryman, Bobby Jarzombek, Dave Culross, Adam Jarvis, Elliot Hoffman, Tim Yeung, Duane Timlin, Eric Park, Gus Rios and others… We have 2 industry recording professionals that will also be writing about drum preparation for live & studio situations.

The first issue will hold columns from Charlie Z, Chris Penie, Sean Reinert, Gus Rios and also interviews with some or all of the following: Billy Cobham, Ray Luzier, John Longstreth, Romain Goulon & Charlie Benante. We are also covering other topics like: The upcoming Misery Index Recording (with video), The “Blast Off” Drum Competition, an introductory column from Bruce Moore, one of our sound professionals and other assorted content. The magazine will also have a place for bands who want to advertise at a discounted rate and expose their music to another 60,000 people.