Sean Reinert Comments on Cynic Reuinion

Drummer Sean Reinert of the long-defunct Florida-based band CYNIC — whose 1993 album "Focus" is regarded as a landmark release in the field of technical/progressive metal — has commented on the group's plans to embark a reunion tour in the spring/summer of 2007, beginning with possible U.S. warm-up performances and culminating in a number of festival appearances across Europe.

As BLABBERMOUTH.NET first reported on Sept. 6, CYNIC's reunion lineup wil consist of the following musicians:
Paul Masvidal – Vocals / Guitar
Sean Reinert – Drums / Keys
Tony Teegarden – Vocals / Keyboards
Chris Kringel – Bass
Santiago Dobles – Guitar

Said Reinert: "As most [people] know by now, CYNIC is reuniting for live shows in 2007. It seems after many years in slumber the mighty dragon has awakened. It is going to be such a pleasure to play that material live again. The fan response has been absolutely overwhelming! (Keep it up!!!!) We are sorting through the show requests and will be [announcing] live dates as soon as we have them confirmed. (Anyone with show offers should send them to: We are also working on getting merchandise that includes T-shirts/tats/pullovers as well as a live DVD with bonus footage."

Kringel, who replaces Sean Malone (who can't participate in the reunion because of teaching and work commitments) in CYNIC's reunion lineup, has been involved with the band since the pre-"Focus" days and toured with the band in Europe in support of the CD. He also played bass on the classic and much-sought-after PORTAL demos and toured the U.K. with Paul and Sean's AEON SPOKE project. Teegarden also previously toured with CYNIC in support of "Focus", while Santiago — who is said to be "the man behind AGHORA" — has been around the CYNIC camp since 1993-94 and was one of Masvidal's guitar students in Miami back in the day.

According to Masvidal, guitarist Jason Gobel was approached about participating in the reunion, but was forced to turn it down due to family and work commitments. However, he gave the rest of the group his blessings to proceed and is said to be "honored" to have Santiago as his replacement.

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