Emeth Announces New Album: TELESIS

The most notorious pack of degenerates from Belgium "Emeth", which features in its ranks ex-Aborted guitarist Matty Dupont and Blood Red Throne bassist Erlend Caspersen, has set "Telesis" as the title of its highly anticipated third album, due early 2008 via Brutal Bands. The band recently finished recording their new album at Hertz Studios with the Wieslawscy brothers as producers and is currently mixing eleven tracks for this new effort.

It features the following track listing:
1. Silence Goes Unheard
2. Anochi Kofer
3. Telesis
4. SoulStorming Echoes
5. Folly and Weakness
6. Monolith
7. Existence Beyond Being
8. The Doer Alone Learneth
9. Aquarian
10. Will To Power
11. Aum

Emeth is known as a band which has its roots in death metal, but at the same time, as one that has never been afraid to experiment. This third opus shows the band progressing into a heavier, tighter and more technically advanced direction with memorable and inventive song structures and a natural yet modern production.

Here is a video of Erlend Caspersen playing bass to an extra song we recorded for the Sickdrummer.com compilation CD. Be sure to check the video and compilation out!


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