NAMM 2014 – UFIP Cymbals – Bionic Series – Crash/Ride

The New UFIP Bionic has evolved into an even more exciting and musical range with a new twist on the original Bionic concept, making this series even more contemporary and totally up to date. A truly stunning playing experience for the rock and metal drummer that requires a real musical cymbal.

These cymbals are faster and more dynamic, but still, retain the power and cut of the original Bionic classics. The Bionic sets a new standard, simply awesome! Hammered especially deep and wide, then polished to a lustrous golden finish, giving the cymbal added warmth, richness, and tonality, the new Bionic Series offers great control and versatility in any musical environment.
This cymbal really did have unreal separation and stick definition between the bell tones and bow tones, regardless of how hard we hit it. Even striking it very hard, the sounds remained individual and the bell still cut through without choking the natural ring from hitting any other part of the cymbal body. A very well made cymbal and one we would be happy to have on a kit.
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Winter NAMM 2014 took place in Anaheim, California, January 23rd – 26th and was one of the best shows we have experienced in recent years.