NAMM 2014 – Sabian Cymbals 2014 Cymbal Vote Winners

Last year, drummers from around the globe cast their votes to make sure their favorite models were included in the finals of the 2014 Sabian Cymbal Vote campaign. The time is upon us and we now reveal the 2014 winners!
The 4 new Sabian models will be in stores this year! They are: The AAX Iso crash, AAX Freq hats, AAX X-Plosion ride and the AA Raw Bell crash.
1. AAX Iso crash: We started with a heavily hand-hammered raw bell and drilled 6 holes around the cup. Why? Not only do the holes isolate the bell from bow for pure, strong bell tone, they also allow it to sound lighter than it is. So you get the sizzle of a Thin model with the strength, volume and projection of a Medium-Thin. More Iso-Bell, baby!. Available in 16", 18" and 20" models.
2. AAX Freq Hats: The success of last year’s Freq Crash led our Vault gurus to experiment using the same exclusive dual-lathing process on a set of AAX Hats. We were thrilled with the result! The Raw Bell and lathing process serve to gate the attack, resulting in a crispy pair of hats that never get out of control. Get your Freq on!
3. 20" AAX X-Plosion ride: An exceptionally crashable light ride that rounds out Sabian’s award-winning AAX X-Plosion family. A large raw bell boosts the crash-ability factor, and combined with our X-Plosion sustain-enhancing process, adds up to a cymbal that’s equally at home performing light ride or heavy crash duty. Available in 20".
4. AA Raw Bell crash: Quick, even response is the hallmark of this classic thin model. Like other AA series crashes, it’s strong, cutting and intense – and very well designed for high-volume performance. And yes, it may be built AA tough, but all you need to know is this… it’s simply just a very musical Crash. Available in 16", 18" and 20" models.
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Winter NAMM 2014 took place in Anaheim, California, January 23rd – 26th and was one of the best shows we have experienced in recent years.