NAMM 2013 Coverage – Zildjian A Series Cymbal Enhancements + New Models

The Zildjian Company arrived at NAMM shining a spotlight on the A Zildjian Series. For decades A Zildjian cymbals have been captured on countless recordings by generations of legendary artists and bands. This year, as part of their 390th Anniversary, they

dialed into the essence of that classic sound and made adjustments to the curvature and weights, capturing the sweet spot of the A Zildjian sound. The result is enhanced crashes, rides, and hats that reflect today’s musical styles. The smaller crashes respond quickly and effortlessly; the larger, thinner crashes open up with a bold fullness and the rides blend articulation and wash.
Refactoring of the A Zildjian Line, Introduction of New Models, and an Updated Logo. One of Zildjian’s core values is to follow the music. That’s why they listened to drummers when they said the A Zildjian line needed to be dialed into the essence of that classic sound.
Also in 2013, Zildjian is reintroducing the 19” and 20” Thin Crashes and 20” Medium Thin Crash, and introducing a new 23” Sweet Ride — all in response to drummers’ requests for larger, thinner models.
New/Re-Released A Zildjian Cymbals:
– 19” A Thin Crash
– 20” A  Thin Crash
– 20” A  Mediun Thin Crash
– 23” A Sweet Ride

For more information visit the official Zildjian website here.