Sick Drummer Magazine – 2011 NAMM Show – Trick Percussion New Products




SB1 Detonator Trigger System:
The SB1 Detonator Trigger System is history in the making. This trigger is a definite game changer for drummers in need of a solid, precise and easy to use kick drum trigger. The SB1 System is designed to attach directly to the Trick Pro 1-V and Pro 1 – V Bigfoot pedals. (Trick HH and Dominator versions are in development.) Each pedal gets its own trigger housing and the housing(s) attach to a central control unit for power. The control unit can send a signal to virtually any drum brain or trigger capture system on the planet provided it can receive signal from the ¼ inch cable. The trigger features an advanced laser reader which provides for dead accurate triggering with NO misfires or false triggers. The control unit also features a foot switch titled “Ludicrous Speed” activating a double triggering configuration. This “Ludicrous Speed” makes it possible for drummers to play fast stead double bass with ONE kick pedal! Imagine what kind of damage you would do with two!
Other features include:
  • Fully machined parts from billet aluminum
  • State of the art laser and circuitry designed in alliance with and programmed by Omega Music Technology – Aptly stamped “Powered by Omega”
  • LED reference display for positive triggers
  • Easy installation and set up
  • Previously unheard of accuracy
  • Variable sensitivity to allow for the finesse of all play styles
  • Patent Pending


Trick Predator Remote High Hat:
Trick Drums is prepared to release their long awaited High Hat stand. The Trick HH is a cable driven remote system with optional variable length aerospace grade cables. It is also a stand-alone system with NO legs to get in the way of other parts of your drum set or pedals. Place it anywhere and it will function just the same. This patent pending design relies on common sense engineering and CNC manufacturing to streamline and improve another vital piece of drum hardware.
Trick Quick Release Cymbal Toppers:
No more will you have deal with the loss of a wing nut or the failing of other easy on / easy off cymbal systems! Trick is proud to announce yet another product you cannot live without. The Trick Quick Release Cymbal Toppers (QRCT) are the first TRUE quick release topper for cymbals. Utilizing bearing technology and being 100% machined, these toppers allow for quick installation and removal of your cymbals. They hold flawlessly and DO NOT accidentally release from the stand. They do not damage your threads or cymbal and they have ZERO effect on the sound of the cymbal. Sure to be a must have for drummers that play often and need to reduce set up and break down times (patent pending).