Born of Osiris – Rosecrance Drum Cover With Transcription


This cover and transcription of Rosecrance by Born of Osiris is the second video cover and transcription from Wilfred Ho, a contributor to Sick Drummer Magazine! Wilfred will be providing transcriptions and video examples of various metal songs for Sick Drummer Magazine from time to time, so feel free to leave comments below with suggestions of songs you would like to see transcribed and we'll see what we can do…
Wilfred is 21, was born in Hong Kong and started playing drums at 13. He joined his first metal band when he was 16 and it was a great experience playing live shows and recording their own songs. He is not in a band right now, but is still looking for a band he can mesh with. Wilfred also teaches drums in some local music stores right now.

Download the PDF Files here: Rosecrance File 1Rosecrance File 2

View the cover and download the transcription of "Bite The Pain" by Richard Christy & Death here.