Whitechapel News From Kevin Lane

First off, we were just recently signed to Metal Blade Records and we're very excited about working with those guys and being on their never-ending amazing roster of bands! There are good things lined up with them for the near future that I can't announce as of right now, but you'll definitely know soon enough. We're currently out on the road with our good friends in the current tour package and we're having a blast, but unfortunately it will soon be coming to an end. December 17th, we'll be going home to spend time with our Families for the Holidays and after that we'll be taking the month of January to finish up the writing process for our debut album on Metal Blade.

We also have a sick tour coming up in February that will be announced soon, so be sure to keep watch for those dates and the amazing bands we'll be hitting the road with. Once we get home from that tour we'll be taking about a week or so to polish up our new material and then hit the studio for a few weeks. Hopefully this new album will bring in new fans from abroad as well as appeal to our current fans, as it will still have our heavy parts only on a new level, but have more technical parts as well… Plan for total brutality.

Also, as you might know, I've been repping Phattie Drums for a few months now. They've given me a great endorsement  and I am extremely happy with what they're doing over at their factory! Soon, I'll be looking into some cymbal companies and hopefully that'll come along too. Be sure to give Phattie a look and check out some of their work, they have some sick stuff that boggles my mind www.phattiedrums.com.

A new video from top view… Thanks, Kevin – Whitechapel