Logan Vars – Protosequence – Shepherd – Drum Play-through

Logan Vars has been drumming for Protosequence since its inception in 2014 and is based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Protosequence can most easily be described as a Technical Deathcore band but is so much more than that. Deftly weaving melody with technicality, there is something for most everyone in Protosequence. Formed in 2014, they have already released 2 acclaimed EP’s with a full length on the way. Protosequence isn’t stopping anytime soon. This video is drummer Logan Vars playing  ‘Shepherd’ by Protosequence.

Drums recorded at Mercury Room Yeg by Andrew Ratcliffe.


Filmed by Nick Laird Videography:


Mixed and mastered by Andrew Ratcliffe at Echo Tree Audio – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Logan’s Gear:

Mapex Saturn Series Drums

22” x 20” kick
13” x 10” tom
16” x 16” floor tom
18” x 16” floor tom

13” x 3.5” Pearl free-floating brass snare

Sticks – Los Cabos Hickory 2B

Hardware – Mapex and Gibraltar

Skins – Evans Drumheads

Pedals – Trick Pro 1-V Bigfoot Black Widow

Sabian Cymbals (left to right)

14” AA regular hats

10” AA splash

18” AAX crash

21” AAX ride w/ 6” Zildjian zil-bell on top

19” HHX crash

14” SR2 chinese

18” prototype crash

Upcoming Shows:

February 18 2018 Wacken Metal Battle Round One – Starlite Room – Edmonton, Alberta

March 16/17 2018 UFR Metal Festival – Rendezvous Pub. – Edmonton, Alberta

May 12 2018 Moments Festival 2018 – Siksika, Alberta

August 10 – 12 Metallion Festival – Vanderhoof, BC

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